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Never Too Late To Learn--BACK UP!

By Mary Holzrichter
Posted Friday, November 26, 2004

It happened to me...

My computer crashed today.

First thought is, "This can't be happening to me"! In my effort to prove that reasoning correct, I reboot. First line of defense. Hmm. Still no response.

Oh no! What now? What will I do without my computer?

I call our computer techie. He tells me how to try one more thing. He adds to *cross my fingers.*

That *one more thing* does no good. Neither does crossing my fingers.

Into the car, I load that sorry-looking computer while cursing it! Hi, ho, it's off to the techie's office we go.

My husband comes home from work. Trying to put myself in a cheerful mood doesn't work. As I explain what's happened, I can hear him thinking, "Oh, geez, is she a mess"!

I realize how much a part of my life my computer has become. I can't live without my computer!

What do I do now? Not sure. What can I do now? Nothing. Got to face the fact my computer's not waiting for me in the next room! Oh, no, it is gone.

Maybe I'll get a good sleep tonight. But then I'll only have to awake in the morning and remember I don't have my computer! I'm not looking forward to that.

Uh, oh. I can't sleep. Wish I was on the internet. Wonder how long it'll take to get my computer back?

Counting sheep (about 547 so far) isn't working. May as well get up. Maybe I'll sit and write awhile.

Gosh, it's quiet here in the family room. The tick tocking of the mantel clock is actually loud! Weird.

Why do I love the internet so much? Sometimes I wish I'd never logged on that first time! Days like this! Days when that darn piece of *junk* crashes.

No, that's not true. When I get back that piece of *utter magic*, I'll thank my lucky stars!

I'm hopelessly addicted to the internet. Admit it! I've learned so much and have met so many wonderful people. Oh, I fully realize I've got so much more to learn. Like BACKING UP my files. Like doing it on a REGULAR basis.

I'm getting tired. Think I'll put my coat on and step outside onto the deck.

It's snowing! There's no wind. *Charlie Brown* snowflakes! Huge ones coming straight down. Tree limbs and evergreens are cloaked with several inches of the stuff!

Even more quiet out here. All I hear is the high tone in my ears one only notices in total silence. So peaceful. Whiteness all around me and darkness in the distance.

Finally at peace and exhausted, I slip back into bed. Life will go on without my computer, I tell myself.

"BUT from now on, I WILL DO A BACK UP every day"!

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