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Stop WebPopups

By Jeffrey Kowalski
Posted Thursday, November 25, 2004


A new very intrusive form of unsolicited advertising is sadly sweeping the internet by storm. If you are running Microsoft Windows 2000 or Microsoft Windows XP, your Computer could be vulnerable to the new form of spam from the Windows Popup messaging service. These types of ads are known as messenger Spam or web Popup.

How it Works

This is made possible by a service called Windows Messenger which is installed by default on XP/2000/NT machines. While this service does not allow remote access to information on an individual's computer, it provides a means for unsolicited messages or advertising.

How to Identify It

You can easily recognize the message boxes, as they will be labeled 'Messenger Service'. You most likely do not have to be told how to make out the messages because it will be noticeable from the content, on the other hand some dishonest spammers make these messages look like real messages and request that you call toll telephone numbers!

Turn Off Messenger Service Manually

It only takes 4 simple steps to turn off the messenger service that is used to send messenger web popup ads. We should also note that the Messenger service is not related in any way to Windows Messenger or MSN Messenger.:

1. Go to Start, then Run and type in services.msc Click Ok

2. Scroll to Messenger, select it, right click it and choose Properties.

3. Under startup choose "Disabled", and then choose Stop.

4. When stopped, click Ok.

Free Software

If you those simple steps are too hard for you to follow, there is free software available which can disable the messenger service for you. Ashampoo has released a free utility called AShampoo IP Spam Blocker.

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AShampoo IP Spam Blocker

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