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The Pride of being Self-Employed

By Rich Masters
Posted Friday, September 10, 2004

As I write to you today from my home office I think about what it takes to be self-employed.

I get up at 6 AM -not because I have to -but out of habit. I check my e-mail and make some phone calls on the East Coast. I make phone calls until 9 AM when I cant call all time zones. I relax for the rest of the day until I make more phone calls from 5 PM until 7 PM. I can make $4000 within 24 hours.

That is just the beginning. You can do what I do to. It is NOT easy as some people may make it sound but it is defiantly not hard. The reason why I say that is because companies that say that it is easy and they will do the work for you are theifs and cons that want your money. Don't pay attention to companies that offer free service. They will take your vital information and sell it to other marketers. Some companies may advise you to sell to family and friends. I would also advise again that. Why you say. Because the will give you negative energy. That means that they will not take you seriously until you are Mr/Mrs Moneybags. Do not make phone calls all day or set at a computer all day until you are blind because you could become depressed.

I can show you a way without sending out any e-mail (except for responding to other people that e-mailed me) that you can have eighty new people sending e-mails in your inbox wanting to buy your product or service. I can show you a way to close anybody you meet 100% of the time unless they are bran dead, do not understand English, on drugs or menially challenged. You think I am crazy saying that but is true. Will I tell you here? No because I want you ti visit my web site ( In fact I want you to go there today and click on play and listen to an hour long presentation. (Requires Real Audio) after you hear it call the phone number on the website and leave a message on the voice mail. Say how you rank the business briefing with 1 being the worst and 10 being the best ,also give your name address phone number you can be reached at and the best time to call. I look foreword to doing business with you.

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Rich Masters


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