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Web Services: Revolution or Evolution?

By Camille Jacks
Posted Monday, December 6, 2004

Can smaller vendors hope to compete with larger ones where it counts most?

Web services have had to struggle simply to justify their blossoming presents in the IT sales and marketing industry. Until recently when unfortunate circumstances provided a platform for software free independent technologies to prevail as the most logical choice whenever and wherever possible.

Now that businesses and customers of the industry are in a position to accept these new modified and advanced application smaller vendors are being pushed aside by larger ones.

This has been on going part of globalization since the beginning, typically, what can endure is what is most often then appreciated. Still this level of endurance must depend on some certainties in order to do, just that.

Competing against the mass marketing campaigns of more brand centric businesses is a gross improbability for smaller companies. What is left then is to simply continue on within the principles of who knows the most regarding programming that may best make it accessible to a new market of internet dependent companies and individuals.

The trade media in IT so often favors any idea or development based solely on the brand attached to it that little is being done to filter out what is good from what is just more puff marketing. Businesses must focus on generating revenue but more credibility is being handed over unearned based on subconscious familiarity rather than hands on experience.

Small Vendor/Developer public relations and marketing must then produce product and service awareness through more strategic efforts than ever before. So that if the general public is lead to believe that all IT advancements are made exclusively by the larger vendors, which are struggling with web services development and deployment that every developer must be doing the same.

The marketing challenge then becomes how to divert the attention of the general public from the overtly successful marketing campaign to the actual technical achievements already in play? Followed up with how these advancements actually compliment the would-be user in the newer version of supply and demand.

Meanwhile, of course, the programmers of the hour continue to develop new tools and infrastructures utilizing xml applications to accomodate the variety of any sized business (ASB) requirements.

About the Author
Camille Jacks
Public Relations Manager
Amulet Development Corp.
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