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XemanteX - Dictionary, Semantics, Language Help In A Web Document By Double Clicking

By Prasad Kopanati
Posted Saturday, July 31, 2004

How many times did you visit a dictionary website to get meanings for words that you did not understand when reading a web page or document? How did you feel to stop any and all reading to go look for a word? I know it is frustrating and uneasy. It happens to everyone and more importantly, happens frequently. We all have to rely on a dictionary, semantics or language tool. Think of the comfort and easiness one would have if a language tutor were explaining any word or phrase that is not clear while reading.

Now, you can get the same comfort from this innovative web application called as XemanteX ( It allows obtaining language help in the form of meanings instantly and easily. Did you ever think of double-clicking words in this document to get meanings right away? If so, visit ( to read any thing and everything with a built-in dictionary.

XemanteX allows users to double click any word on the web page to retrieve its meaning. Users get meanings to words on the same screen eliminating need to make trips to other dictionary tools. Does that sound cool?

The word XemanteX originates from semantics - the study of language meaning. The goal at XemanteX Inc. is to enable every internet user grasp, understand and assimilate the content presented on the web by providing efficient and user friendly semantic assistance. Any internet user can (and need to) use this application. A person who does lot of research work by reading technical documents on the web may find it an absolute necessity. If you have kids who read and learn through web, then this application can help build their vocabulary fast. On the other hand, if you are the person who thrives on hard cover dictionary or web dictionary then this is time to look at ( It will make your life happier.

When you visit ( you can use its services in two ways: 1) Get language help on a web-published document specified by a URL. 2) Get language help on text pasted on xemantex’s screen.

In the first case, type (or copy and paste) the URL in to the text box on the first page. Click on the button “pass this URL”. On the next page double click any word to get it is meaning. It is that simple.

You can also paste text to xemantex’s screen. XemanteX enables language help for the text that you pasted. Double click any word in this text to get meanings. This constitutes case 2.

Does it seem like a pleasant reading experience with no trips to other pages for language help? It sure is; people at XemanteX Inc., are working hard to make your reading easy (It offers its services in English only at this time). Write to them at with your suggestions, comments, and / or ideas.

With the enormous amount of information available on the web, there is a dire need for such a tool. The exponential growth in the information being made available through internet requires tools like this to assume the important role of delivering the information meaningfully. There is an enormous scope for applications like XemanteX that open a window to the new world with this concept: “web reading made easy”.

About The Author
Prasad Kopanati is the Vice President of XemanteX Inc. You can reach him via email at . Visit the website ( to view his and his team’s work.


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