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Move Over Dot Com

By Holly Janion
Posted Saturday, November 20, 2004

If you, like me, wished you had registered some classic dot com domains years ago, now's your opportunity. A new global domain service is now available, so mover over and make way for

What is WS?

WS is the new alternative to A domain has always been popular because it gave your web site a global presence. Now the WS domain name does just that too. It's a World Site!

It works just like any other top level domain name. In other words, whatever you can do with your domain name, you can do with your domain
name too.

Advantages of WS

If you have been wanting a global domain name but have been unable to get the one you need, because its still early days for the WS domain name, chances are more than likely you will be able to reserve your desired name.

Many webmasters have had to settle for country domain names e.g. or but now registering a WS domain name will give them the same global identity as a

I had great fun on the World Site web site last night and registered four domain names. We had been unable to get and instead have, and but we will be able to change all this with our new domain name.

Over the next year we will change all our sites to the ws domain name and when our other domain names come up for renewal, we will consider not renewing these thus saving money.

I also managed to secure two other domain names, and These highly desirable domain names were obviously not available with a, but one day, when the ws domain name is established, perhaps somebody will make me an offer for these. In the meantime I shall use them as doorway pages pointing to my WWW Treasure Hunt site, using web site promotion and internet advertising as meta tags. Obviously having these words as part of the domain name too, will result in higher search engine rankings and thus more traffic to my site.

To see if your own domain name is available, go to (http://WorldSite.WS/hollyj55). If the domain name you want is unavailable, similar desired names are returned and because this is still so new, there are many options to choose from.

So don't delay, register your WS domain name today. Don't sit back in a couple of years and say if only I knew then what I know now. Who knows, perhaps you will also be offered a few million dollars for your new WS domain name in the future. I sure hope I am.

About the Author
Holly Janion is webmaster for Wade's World, an internet business solutions company. As well as personally managing the WWW Treasure Hunt site at (, Holly also writes articles on internet marketing. Holly can be contacted by e-mailing


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