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Search Engine Optimizer - Keyword Density Tool

Keyword Density SEO Tool shows you the keywords you should be using and what to do to improve your search engine ranking without sending hundreds of automated queries to the search engines.

  • Scans heavy hitters' best keywords
  • Scores pages on a wide range of criteria, not just keyword density
  • Suggests keyword phrases based on existing content
  • Optionally weighs against single page or entire site
  • Ranks phrases by keyword density ratio (percentage of total text)
  • Warns of potential search engine problems with your page
  • Automatically filters out meaningless "stop" words in the keyword density calculation
  • Provides quick links to major search engines for each keyword
  • Included Meta Tag generator automatically creates optimized keyword meta tags
  • Keyword Density SEO Tool helps make your web site a SEARCH ENGINE POWERHOUSE!

How it works:

1. Enter the URL of the page you wish to optimize and click "Go Analyze!"

  • Keyword Density SEO Tool reads the page and analyzes the critical areas for common problems.
  • It then counts the words in the page and finds patterns of repeated phrases. Phrases over a certain "density threshold" are returned as "suggested keywords."
  • In addition to the suggested keywords, Keyword Density SEO Tool returns any keywords already present in the keywords meta tag.
  • Based on the results of the scan, Keyword Density SEO Tool returns a summary of problems and suggestions for fixing them.

2. Now Keyword Density SEO Tool really goes to work:

  • Under each suggested keyword are links to several major search engines.
  • Click the links and Keyword Density SEO Tool returns the top keywords for all of the sites that made the top listing of the search engine you selected for that keyword phrase.
  • Repeat this process as many times as necessary to determine the "money" keywords you should be optimizing for.

3. By combining all of the features of Keyword Density SEO Tool, you are using the best practices of SEO professionals worldwide for improving search engine ranking:

  • Preventing "stuffed" pages from penalizing your position;
  • Weighing keywords by their density in your site as a whole;
  • Optimizing for only the phrases that are relevant to your web page;
  • Making your pages "search engine friendly" for a wide cross section of popular engines;
  • Learning how to develop relevant, profitable web pages.

Use Keyword Density SEO Tool to:

  • improve the search engine ranking of your site,
  • find the "money" keyword phrases that have the most impact,
  • do side-by-side comparisons of your search engine ranking with your competitors,
  • learn how Internet search engine indexing works,
  • compare top search engine ranking criteria!

"Most" search engine optimizers only tell you the keyword density of the words YOU ENTER.

Keyword Density SEO Tool analyzes ALL the words on the page and suggests keyword phrases that are already heavily embedded in the content of the file. From there, you can use Keyword Density SEO Tool's "top keywords" tool to scan the major search engines for the phrases the heavy hitters are using. You will also see words that don't work and why!

Keyword analyzers don't account for word proximity, or phrases.

When a certain phrase appears more than once, Keyword Density SEO Tool then calculates the "Keyword Density" of that phrase. The keyword density is the ratio of the phrase to the total number of words, adjusting for the number of words in the phrase. This way, you are analyzing both the keyword density and the proximity of keywords at the same time.

Some search engine opimization programs only do part of the job.

Keyword Density SEO Tool scores your page based on several Search Engine Optimization techniques. In addition to keyword density calculations, it verifies that your site is not overloaded and that it has the correct distribution of profitable keywords in the most critical locations.

Keyword Density SEO Tool Scores Pages Differently

There is a pervading myth that by inserting words you think are relevant to your site in your keywords meta tag, you will automatically improve your search engine ranking. The truth is that only a select few search algorithms utilize the keyword meta tag. Keyword Density SEO Tool calculates relevant keyword phrases by analyzing ALL of the words on the page, not just the meta tags.

Keyword Density SEO Tool factors phrases, not just keywords. When a certain phrase appears more than once, Keyword Density SEO Tool then calculates the "Keyword Density" of that phrase. The keyword density is the ratio of the phrase to the total number of words, adjusting for the number of words in the phrase. This way, you are analyzing both the keyword density and the proximity of keywords at the same time.

SEO professionals suggest an average of 3% - 7% keyword density for relevant phrases; however, recent changes in Google's algorithm may challenge this belief. Our system accounts for a number of different criteria, not just density, so words that aren't as prevalent might still score as "optimum" if they are placed correctly.

Conversely, if the keyword density is too high (above 10%), it may appear to be artificially "stuffed," and may be penalized as spam by the search engine. Keyword Density SEO Tool warns you about words that may occur too frequently to be helpful.

Generally, a well written page will have its own prevalent keyword phrases. Keyword Density SEO Tool helps you identify them.

Keyword Density SEO Tool lets you set these thresholds yourself to fine tune for your own optimization goals. With this system, web developers get the benefit of keyword density scoring, while also tapping into the value of correct keyword placement.

Note: Keywords scoring "Optimal" by Keyword Density SEO Tool when weighed against the whole site are your best bets for success.

Explanation of Terms:

SEO: Search Engine Optimization
SEO Tool: Search Engine Optimization Tool

Query Form:

Analyze Web Page: Enter the URL address of the page you are analyzing ("Uniform Resource Locator").

Spam Phrases greater than: Keyword density above which keywords are considered too frequent to be realistic. Defaults to 10%.

Suggest Phrases greater than: Density above which Keyword Density SEO Tool considers a phrase to be worth considering. Words falling below this level are not used in keyword generation. Defaults to 2%.

Optimum Score: Phrase score considered relevant to the query. Defaults to 12 on the Keyword Density SEO Tool Scale. How are pages scored?

Specific Keyword: If you want Keyword Density SEO Tool to calculate for a single keyword, enter it here.

Exclude stop words: Stop words are automatically ignored by Keyword Density SEO Tool by default. Examples of stop words might be 'and,' 'of,' 'for,' etc.

Include stop words: If you want the scores to be calculated including the stop words, select this option. Some people prefer to calculate keyword density based on the total number of words, including stop words.

Include Alt Tags? Calculate the densities without words found in image "Alt" tags.

Weigh Entire Site? Calculates densities of keywords on this page based on the total words in the site. Suggests keywords on other pages that score well. Note: by "site," we mean the first 20 unique pages and subpages linked from the page being analyzed.


Title: Length and content of <TITLE> tag on the page.

Description: Length and content of description tag, if present. Should be 150 chars or less.

Keywords: Length and content of keyword tag, if present. Should be 800 chars or less.

Total Keywords: total number of comma separated keywords.

Longest Keyword: Length of longest keyword in list, should be 100 chars or less.

Total Word Count: Keyword Density SEO Tool removes HTML and irrelevant words, such as "the," "and," "by," etc., to generate suggested keywords. This is the number of words, including the "stop" words.

Filtered Word Count: This number reflects the word count minus the "stop" words. Keyword Density SEO Tool recommends at least 200 relevant words.

Suggested Keyword phrases: Phrases of 1 -5 words that may be keywords to consider are listed.

Keyword - The phrase that was found

Count - The number of occurrences of this phrase on the page

Keyword Density SEO Tool Score - calculation based on Keyword Density SEO Tool's own set of industry-standard criteria

Keyword Density - Ratio of this word or phrase to the total word count - a common benchmark

Comment - based on score:

"Optimal" - Meta Keyword falls between optimum score and spam threshold.
"Too Low" - Meta Keyword falls below optimum score
"Spam" - Meta Keyword appears too many times and may be penalized
"Not in Keywords" - Otherwise good keywords are missing from your keyword meta tag.

Search Links: Beneath each word is a link to the major search engines for you to test your placement and research top keywords.

[AltaVista]   [AllTheWeb]   [Gigablast]   [Google]   [HotBot]   [LookSmart]   [Lycos]   [Teoma]   [Yahoo]

Search - Link to the search engine to query with this keyword phrase

Top Keywords - Scans the top 10 sites on this engine and returns the prevalent keywords.

Meta Keywords: These are the words that are actually in your current meta tag.

Summary: Warnings and suggestions about improving the score of the existing page.

Links: Each of the local links on the page are listed here for your convenience. Click links to analyze additional local pages.

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