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3 Steps to Multiply Yourself Across the Web!

By Wes Blaylock
Posted Tuesday, November 16, 2004

The real key to generating profits with minimal work is to learn how to multiply your efforts to get your message in front of thousands of potential customers!

It is a simple concept that money-driven marketers have used to put their businesses in overdrive and make tons of cash with very little effort.

Create a system that sells your product effectively, then duplicate that system many times over and basically double your money each time.

Think if you had 300 visitors per day, with a 2% sell through, selling a $49 product. That equals out to about $8,800 per month, give or take.

Now think if you could just duplicate that by multiplying yourself across the Internet. The idea is to do it without putting forth that much effort.

Anybody can duplicate themselves simply by working twice as hard, or twice as long. But who wants to work that much?

Below is a 3 step plan that I like to use to multiply my marketing efforts all over the net. Try it out for yourself and I bet you will be pleased!

1) Start an affiliate program

An affiliate program is probably the easiest way to multiply your marketing efforts all across the Internet risk free.

Start an affiliate program and make it a significant part of your marketing strategy to generate traffic. Put forth some time and make your program a big hit, not just another program.

Set up your program to make it as easy as possible for affiliates to make a ton of money, whether they are newbies or professionals.

The more money your affiliates make, the more money you make. And the easier it is for your affiliates to make money, the more they will promote and get others to promote. So don't just throw up any affiliate program, make it an incredible way to earn an income!

Here are a few things to remember when creating your affiliate program:

- Choose a professional software that gives affiliates commissions on all payment options (online orders, mail in orders, fax orders, etc..) Recently, affiliate programs who are not doing this are getting a lot of "bad mouth".

- Give reasonable commissions (25% and up)

- Give affiliates as many ways to link to you as possible, and make it a simple cut and paste procedure for them.

- Tell them exactly how to make money promoting your product!

These are a few key ingredients to a successful affiliate program. I will most likely be writing much more about affiliate programs in this private program as there are a lot of things to be discussed!

You can run your affiliate program with the "Little Salesmen Affiliate System" at: ( It will allow you to easily do all of the above!

2) Create an effective promotional strategy

Devise a plan that will bring visitors to your website, and that your affiliates can plug into their marketing as well.

You want to create an effective advertising strategy that will work and produce profits, and that you can duplicate all over the net by letting your affiliates use the same "action plan" as well.

Choose the methods that you want to advertise with (banner ads, pay per click ads, etc..), choose how frequently you plan to advertise, perfect the system until it produces excellent profits, and then tell your affiliates about it and let them do the same thing.

This is a simple process that can really take off and start putting a ton of cash into your pocket!

3) Do an ezine ad blast campaign

Once your affiliate program is all setup and ready to go, you need to generate a good chunk of affiliates to get you going. Your first 200 affiliates will be the hardest to get, so you will most likely want to advertise the program by itself to generate a decent sized affiliate base.

Once you have about 200 or so affiliates, the ones who advertise will start bringing in more affiliates for you through your website (and especially if your affiliate program is 2 tier) and it will begin to snowball!

I suggest picking about 10-20 or more ezines that accept sponsor ads and solo ads and doing an ezine ad blast about your new affiliate program.

Write an ad that tells about your affiliate program and send it out to a bunch of ezines and newsletters to generate a good starting affiliate base.

There are hundreds of thousands of ezines out there with millions of subscribers that you can advertise to. All you have to do, is find them and you're off!

Once you have your affiliate program setup and affiliates start promoting your website, you will definitely see an increase in profits! It is a sure-fire, risk free way to multiply yourself all across the Internet!

See you at the bank,
Wes Blaylock

About the Author
Wes Blaylock
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