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Haven't you had enough yet?

By Brian Holte
Posted Monday, January 17, 2005

This article is about how to overcome your inner critic and write an article.
Is your inner critic giving you attitude? Just think what you have right now, right in front of your face. A computer monitor, and the world wide web. What are you doing with it? Are you taking advantage of the power that the internet has placed neatly in your hand, waiting for you too take the next step? Only one problem..your inner critic is saying no no, you can’t do that your not good enough, the mental battle goes back and forth for days and weeks on end like a never ending boxing match. Blow after blow, you just keep on taking it. Is this you? Hey don’t feel bad, I was in that same position and it took me a long time to grab one of my special gold plated shovels that I had placed in the corner for a rainy day, raise that baby up over my head, flex all the muscles that I didn’t have and with all the force I could muster I gave my inner critic a really bad case of flat head syndrome. Did it work? You bet, more instilled confidence in myself, the self gratitude of knowing that people actually like what I write, over coming the fear of rejection and throwing that fear 8 stories off my patio until it didn’t exist any more. Clearing a path of assured success as long as I kept persevering, hopefully helping other people overcome their inner critic, lending them my golden shovel, helping pushing away their fears of rejection and grabbing the power of the world wide web to enrich my life as well as others. Yep, that’s my mission. My next step and yours too, becoming financially free so we can get out of debt, overcoming any illnesses such as spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis, and raynauds phenomeon which at the age of 35 I suffer from. So put that inner critic to the side, start writing about what you know...don’t say you don’t know anything...deep down we all do. Take advantage of your knowledge and profit from it and give a little away to help motivate others. You’ll be paid back ten fold. If I can be of any help please let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

About the Author
Brian is a freelance writer covering topics on self motivation and is willing to consider requests.


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