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Some Writing Tips - "A Simple Recipe for Writing Success"

By Craig Lock
Posted Monday, January 17, 2005

A few hints in writing creatively.
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"We share what we know, so that others may grow."

* Some Writing Tips - "A Simple Recipe for Writing Success"*

by Craig Lock

* Thats a metaphor, btw

Here is a short article in the form of a bit of advice for aspiring writers, which I hope may be helpful.

My advice for aspiring writers is as follows...

* Write something every day. Regularilty and practice makes "purrfect".

* "Remember that getting published takes a great deal of commitment and hard work.

* Learn patience. Things move slowly in the world of publishing - usually far longer than initial promises.

* Treat writing as your career; so take it seriously.

* Learn everything you can about the writing "business" and the craft of writing creatively.

* Be open to criticism from your peers. Still far easier to criticicise than create, eh? Incidentally, there has never been a monument built honouring a critic!

* Listen to your heart, your intuition, the "core of your being" (sounds "real airy-fairy stuff" that, Craig!). Write what you love - not what the MARKET wants (unless you are desperate for purely financial rewards from your writing). That's not a "true writer", I believe!

* Join a writers' association and mix with other strange "arty-farty, airy-fairy intellectual types".

* "Write as you talk yourself." - Maeve Binchy.

* Write as honestly as you can.

Writers help people to see the world differently. Make your story real. Be totally honest to the story that is being told. My "journey" of my various books is my life journey.

Always remember,

* Writing is hard (and sustained) work - a writer has to work hard every day, even when one does not feel inspired. So I make sure I'm inspired at 7am each day.

* Small ideas become bigger, when you leave to your creative subconscious mind. Seek inspiration (from within and or externally from God, "the Ultimate Source") regularly.

* Revise your work constantly; but one has to "call a halt" sometime.

* Strive for perfection, but accept excellence in your writing.

* Believe in yourself and in the quality of your work. You have something unique to offer the world: the gift of sharing.

Remember that dreams can come true in your writing... and in your life.

Happy writing and good luck

Craig Lock "Information and Inspiration distributor" (

"The world would have you agree with its dismal dream of limitation. But the light would have you soar like the eagle of your sacred visions." - Alan Cohen

The "original" Online Creative Writing Course (

The books that Craig "felt inspired to write" are available at: ( and (

All proceeds go to needy and underprivileged children - MINE

P.S: Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Give him the internet and he'll be happy playing in cyberspace for not weeks, or even years... but a lifetimel

About the Author
Craig Lock is a graduate from the University of Cape Town in South Africa... but he has learnt far more from the "school of hard knocks" and the University of Life... battered, bruised but never unbowed. He is an extensive world traveller (on a "shoestring budget") and failed professional emigrater who has spent most of his life's savings on airfares. He is still 'sliding down the razor blade of life' on the beautiful undiscovered island that is New Zealand, somewhere near the bottom (rude!) of the world near Antarctica. There he talks to the 60 million sheep! Craig has been involved in the corporate world (life assurance) for over twenty years in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. However, through a strange set of circumstances and finding himself in a small town near the bottom of the world ...and with nothing else to do, he started writing. That was five years ago. Five published books later and having written another fourteen manuscripts (on widely differing subjects) being published and promoted himself on the internet... this is where Craig is in the "journey/adventure" that is life. Craig has taught at the local Tairiwhiti Polytechnic (English), as well as running a successful creative writing course (not teaching sheep!). He is the author of (as far as we know) the first and only creative writing course on the internet by a published writer. Craig has many varied interests and passions. He is particularly interested in the field of psychology and what makes different people "tick-tock grandfather clock". One of his missions in life is helping people make the most of their hidden potential and so finding their niche in life... so that they are happy. He firmly believes in the motto: "Find what you love doing, then you will never have to do a day's work in your life." Craig is certain he has found his niche in life... anyway, what other job would be suitable for him?


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