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By George Carr
Posted Wednesday, December 22, 2004

#1. Get into a business that has exclusive rights to sell products that will in the near future be in high demand in the world's marketplace and provides you with a top notch website. Getting into a business that produce such products reduces competition and leaves a wide open niche market for you to capitalize in. Here is a company I found with such products: Big Planet/Planet Electric: ( This company has exclusive rights to a new technology called ENERGY STORAGE TECHNOLOGY. With this technology they are producing new products that are powered using Energy Storage technology. For a free business overview of Big Planet visit their WebSite: (

#2. Get a Toll Free 800# with voicemail. It is much easier for a potential customer without a computer to inquire about your product or service when you have a toll free number. When leaving a voicemail message make sure to leave a recording that will not only inform your potential buyer about your product but excite them as well. A good company that I recommend is Creative audio. This company offers an inexpensive voice over You can call them at 1-800-363-6505.

#3. Posting Flyers to Bulletin Boards are a fantastic way to promote your hombased business for almost nothing. Post your advertisement on bulletin boards everywhere and anywhere. Examples of places to post are laundromats, colleges, schools, supermarkets, Wal- Mart -(get listing of stores nationwide), apartment complexes, workplace, or anywhere people congregate. On the flyers make sure to post a description of what you propose to sell, the 800#, use bright or fluorescent paper to attract attention, and make the message short and sweet printed in large bold letters.

#4. Press Releases are another great way to get free publicity about your business. Here is a great site that I found that sells software that not only has templates to help you develop a great press release, but the software they offer can also send out your press release to over 20,000 news sources. ( For a directory of newspapers simply type the keyword: newspapers into there search engine find.

#5. Posting signs at corners near stop signs and stoplights is another great way to draw attention to your homebased business and website. On the sign make sure to post a short and sweet description of what you propose to sell, your toll free 800#, and your web address. Here is the Toll Free# to a company that will produce 50 signs for less than $90. {1-800-853-8458). You can also make your own signs relatively cheap by buying the materials at a nearby Home Depot.

#6. Writing and submitting articles to e-zines and newsletters is another excellent way to attract potential customers to your website. Just simply choose a topic and write away. Be careful to check spelling before submitting article. Submit your articles to e-zines and newsletters that cater to your topic. At the end of each article be sure to leave a resource box with your personal information and web address. This is your payment provided that an e-zine or newsletter decides to publish your article. Here are a few websites to submit your finished article to as well as get an idea on some topics you can write about: ( - ( ( (

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