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About Writing and Publishing an ezine

By Khalid Osman
Posted Thursday, January 13, 2005

Do you consider the first lines in your articles??
How to write them to attract the readers attention?
I think they are easy to be implemented..
----- Practicing Self Brainstorming-----
*Take an online trip to collect some articles,or read the articles you may receive in your mailbox.Then try to evaluate the first lines on each. There`s a way to find out the most bright first lines that you admire because they mismerized you.At the same time you`ll find some silly first lines that have no luck to attracting your attention.

*Write each kind in a column.Don`t be worry about writing them all.Just take examples.

*Beside each column make another one for your commentaries,to write why each couple of these first lines attracted you and why the others did not.

(Result 1)There are so many reasons I believe you`re going to come up with.

*Then try to modify the silly first lines.You are going to depend for example on your language-treasury first,because it`s your first source. Only go to the second source: "Thesaurus Dictionary" when you`re getting tired enough.

(Result 2)You evaluate these silly first lines This way and come up with a collection of good expressions..You brainstorming yourself evaluating and collecting expressions.
(Result 3)There will remain a strong impact inside you.

*Decide on a topic,a topic that you think yourself is good about.Perhaps there maybe some more topics that you can write about,but concentrate on those which lay on your area of expertise.

Believe it or not,everyone is an expert in something.Even you and me my friend. In that area of ower experiment and expertise,we can simply manage writing things we know.No expert has born with an expert spoon in his mouth!

(Result 4)Pardon,for getting too far,but consider this, as a dialectic..A dialectic that you can study and make too.

*Let your first step in self motivation quide you slowly,but deeply in realizing what works there? and prepair yourself to indulge in a warm dialogue between words, phrases and sentences..You have your topic in sight already..but not written yet.. Watch out how words have been generated inside you..Then write them down quickely.

*Erase those you think are dead..Keep on with those you think are alive..Stay alive.. Stay alive with the rhythm there inside your living words. (Result 5)Then the first lines of your topic are going to indulge inside it to make it even more alive.

*While you`re checking and writing,the words created in and come out, just relax on the fact that even the philologians/philologists,rhetoricians,rhymers, novelists and journalists did that.We/they need to check our/their works.
You`ll feel like them that way,improving your abilities and trusting yourself. (Result 6)You`re becoming more confident.

Read these lines above again and agian..and try to imagine how they have been written that way??

I believe here on one thing,that words are belonging to each other..One couple of good words bring in another couple of good words..The sentences built of the words series that rushed out to visualize the topic.
Check it and let one of your friends check it also.

Some people doing that,even having "a language mine" inside them,are doing it because they miss it in the rush of life today.Specially those we consider English as their second language.

Go and write again and again.Practice writing the same topic using different expressions.Try that only to manage controlling the language usage.Then you`ll come to your ezine rendezvous.
What I was telling you above is how to energize yourself perfectly. Activating the same process above,consider to use the "Modeling" technic for better results.I should quote "David Garfinkel " here:

Use modeling with headlines.

"The headline makes up 80 to 90 percent of the sales effectiveness of your Web page. Reinventing the wheel is chancy. Modeling your headline after another proven headline gives you a much greater chance of success.

For example, an old headline that has proven itself over and over is "The Secret of Making People Like You." Let´s model a new headline on the old one.

Suppose you knew how to get pay-per-click search engine traffic at lower prices and you had an ebook on that subject.

You could use this headline: "The Secret of Slashing Costs and Doubling Traffic with Pay-Per-Click Search Engines!" ----------Quotation End---------------
To get the secrets of this technic and other valuable online treasure,visit this site here: (
You know "Ken Evoy" the president of "Site Sell",and the ideas of "Make Your Site Sell" don`t you? If you have a visit to his sites while reading the followings, you`re going to evaluate what I am saying: I got the idea of site sell and everything sell to make a title for one of my web pages like this "Make Your ThoughtsSell". You`ll find this when you visit: ( ----Coming to Your Ezine Rendezvous----
Prepare as many articles as to give you a chance and a good time to fulfil the other work. Once you have your articles written and well checked, then you`re going to think of one thing.That`s where to publish them and how to involve in the whole publishing process?:

1-Get your own domain name and built your website.
2-Prepare your own ezine and schedule the articles to be published there. 3-Make a list of the similar ezines that concentrate on the same issues. 4-Contact some of these ezines to publish your articles there. 5-Swap articles with other publishers.(free exposure). 6-Submit some of your articles to these ezines using links to your website and domain name.(Free exposure).There`s some ezines you pay them to publish your articles.
7-Publish your ezine and submit it to the directories available. 8-Do some investment as concerning advertisement and exposure,buying the necessary software that allows you to submit directely both of your articles and ezines to the similar ezines and directories.

That`s it fore now and we are going to say more about these steps whenever we come across one of them.

To be continued later.

Prosperity follow your steps.

Khalid Osman
( (
P.S. If you would like to make benefits of this workshop ezine-act offers,so please subscribe here P.P.S. If you like to publish your article online just send it to:

About the Author
Khalid Osman is a political refugee, a teacher and a journalist with 30 years experience.He worked in Sudan,Iraq,Kuwait and Eritrea.He was a freelancer also writing in many newspapers and magazines published in London,Paris, Cyprus, Amman and Beyrouth.He wrought in many TVs and radio stations.He was an activist organizer as concerns: Environment,Press,Education,Unions, Human rights,Children and Women.He broadcasted recently from a local DK radio station.


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