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By Noel Peebles
Posted Tuesday, November 30, 2004

1. Opportunities

“In 20 years from now people will look back and wish that they could have started a business, invested money, bought shares or property during the early years of the new century, when there were so many new opportunities.”

2. Marketing And Innovation

“The only purpose of a business is to bring in a customer; and there are really only two ways to do it - through marketing or innovation.”

3. Work

“I haven't worked for years. It's not that I've retired, it's just that I love what I'm doing. My definition of work - anything I'm doing when I'd rather be doing something else.”

4. Work

“Most formal schooling prepares us to work for others. If we are good at following school rules and what the teacher says, then we will probably do okay in the job world too.”

5. Price Perception (a)

“The key to making the sale is to communicate VALUE! Do it so strongly... that the price seems reasonable in relation to the product or service you're offering.”

6. Price Perception (b)

“A customer perception of what is a 'reasonable price' is more important than what you want to charge for your product or service. And the customer decides what's reasonable based on perceived value for money, not price. It's creating this perception of value that tells the customer - the price is right.”

7. Price Perception (c)

“It’s what the customers thinks about your price that matters. If the customer thinks the price is too high in relation to the value delivered, then they won't buy. If they think the price is too low, then they may be suspicious of the quality in relation to the price. The price must feel right.”

8. Entrepreneur

“Working for someone else is nothing like being an entrepreneur and the boss of your own business. To become an entrepreneur requires a different plan or map. You’ll be taking a different road, to a different destination.”

9. Plans/Strategies/Goals

“Listen carefully to what people have to say and make a judgment based on your plans, your strategies and your goals. If you occasionally have to say no to people… then so be it. If you have to alienate some people, because they don’t personally agree with your actions… then so be it.”

10. Opportunity

“People in the future will look back and envy what was truly, ‘The Golden Age Of Opportunity.’ How fortunate we are to be HERE! NOW!”

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