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Are you in Autoresponder Heaven?

By David McKenzie
Posted Thursday, November 18, 2004

If not, then you should be.

Autoresponders can save you time and put your web site on automatic pilot.

Do you have some original content on your site? Have you written articles or bits of information that are interesting to your visitors?

As well as listing your information and/or articles at your site you can let your visitors have their OWN copy by autoresponder.

An autoresponder is an automatic email that sends the information directly to the person that asked for it.

For instance, the articles I have written at my site each have a separate autoresponder at the bottom of the article. If you want a copy for yourself you just send an email to the autoresponder address.


Back comes my article by email to you.

Your own copy of my article on your computer. Then you have it there for future reference.

But why would you want a copy for yourself?

Well there are many reasons. Here are just a few.

First you can re-read the article at any time in the future. You do not have to re-visit the web site to read the article again if you forgot some of the information.

Also, you may like the article or information so much you want to include it in your monthly newsletter or on your web site. Well if you have a copy then that is simple to do. You do not have to go back to the web site and copy, paste and re-format the article.

Another reason to give your information to people by autoresponder is that they now have your email address so that they can easily contact you in the future.

They may want to do business with you down the track and instead of forgetting about you in the maze of web sites they have your details on file. In your autoresponder!

They may just want to complement you on a well written article. Whatever the reason, they can easily contact you.

So join the revolution and come up to autoresponder heaven. You'll be glad you did.

For more info just go to one of the search engines and type in `Autoresponder'.

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