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Changing Your Mind About Change

By C.L.Hanna
Posted Thursday, January 13, 2005

Change is why is it something so many of us avoid?

Spring is only weeks away and as everything around us outdoors becomes ‘new' and colorful again, many of us begin to desire the same effect on everything aound us indoors, as well. There's just something about a fresh coat of paint, folds of new fabric on the windows, or even a different arrangement of the furniture, that can renew our spirits. Change can be like a breath of Spring! While change, of any kind, can be harder for some personality types than others, change is usually a good thing - for all of us. Change can offer us a different perspective, a new attitude, even a new purpose. So what keeps us from changing the kitchen wall color, or the placement of the living room sofa? After all, it's not like changing careers, or the color of our fact, changing one's hair color can actually be an easier decision for some than the moving of the T.V.! But why?

Perhaps, fear of change inside our homes comes from the threat to our comfort zones.

You rely on your hairdresser to give you a professional opinion on hair color and hair style; maybe even refusing to give you what you want. Just because you saw a certain hair color or style on your favorite movie-star - that doesn't mean that it would be right for you. But, when it comes to choosing the color palette for your dining room or the perfect accents for the new can be equally scary without someone you trust to steer you in the right direction.

If you can afford to hire a trustworthy, professional, Interior Decorator - do it!

This is your home we are talking about! This is probably the biggest financial investment you own...and this is the place to put your money. Unfortunately, thousands of dollars are wasted each year by homeowners who make choices that they are simply unable to live with. You will find the money spent for a decorator's services, invaluable. You should have peace of mind during the decorating process - knowing that the end results will bring you years of enjoyment. You may even learn some things from working with your decorator that will give you the confidence to make decisions on your own in the future. Change may become something you actually look forward to - almost as much as Spring!

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About the Author
C.L. Hanna is the owner of HEART'S DOOR which specializes in the use of vintage and collectble items in home decorating. After over 20 years of collecting and interior decorating she recently took her shop online at (


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