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Ebooks, what are they?

By Darrell Mutz
Posted Monday, January 3, 2005

Ebooks are just like any other book, without the paper. They help us in recycling. The more ebooks there are the fewer trees we cut down. It seems we continually here of how bad our environment is. This is one step to doing something about it. You don’t have the wasted energy and pollutants of machinery to cut down trees and the manufacturing plants. Go ahead and breath in that fresh air.

They also take up less space or should we say give us more space on our bookshelves! Think of the books in your home, a friend’s house, your parent’s, etc. If you could take all of those books, put them in your computer wouldn’t it be cool? Think of how many times you or someone you know says only if I had more shelf space or storage. Ebooks to the rescue! I’m not saying throw out those old books or don’t buy anymore new ones, I’m just saying if you could get what you want in an ebook what would it hurt?

Ebooks are for everyone. You can get sports ebooks, home business, cooking, fitness, business, marketing, how-tos, resource, society, culture and the list goes on. Some are already in different languages. Ebooks are very affordable to. Some come with a feature to where you can upgrade them or get a new version for free. Have a hard time seeing, just enlarge the text or zoom in. If you were a space alien there would be an ebook for you.

They are very convenient too. If you carry a palm pilot, wallet, purse or laptop, you can carry an ebook with you. You could take a walk in a park and sit on a bench under a tree enjoying an ebook on that palm pilot or laptop of yours and not have to mess with that wonderful breeze turning your pages. Ebooks come in different formats like PDF, Palm, Microsoft Reader, etc. Couldn’t make it to the library? Try one on the net. View it on line or just download it. Doesn’t get any better than that!

Technology is now in your hand with usability, readability, affordability, and accessibility. You can do everything and anything with an ebook that you can do with an ordinary book, even write one yourself. Now that’s what an ebook is.

I hope I was able to enlighten you and help you with understanding ebooks better. Try a free ebook or if you have any comments or questions just contact us.

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