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By Marie Williams
Posted Sunday, January 16, 2005

THE WHAT RING? EzineRing - not a WebRing, but very similar. An EzineRing is basically an alliance or community of e-publishers, preferably all in the same field, who work to promote each other's ezines.

GROW YOUR LIST. For e-publishers, an EzineRing can provide a new and ever-growing source of targeted subscribers, ensuring the future success and profitability of your venture.

WORKING SAMPLE. Each ezine displays a text box with links to the "next" and "previous" ezine samples in the ring, as well as a "full list" containing short ads for each ring member. This allows your subscribers to sample and subscribe to ezines in the ring.

WOULD PEOPLE BOTHER? Ezine publishing is fast becoming the fashionable, not to mention smart, thing to do. There is now so much choice that your subscribers want to know which ezines are worth subscribing to. EzineRings can alleviate this problem entirely. No single ezine can hope to cover everything on a particular topic; an EzineRing, however, can claim to do just this - giving your subscribers exactly what they want.

THE "A" LIST. Creating an EzineRing is not that hard. You need to draw up a list of e-publishers that you wish to be associated with. Choose publications that complement your ezine - look for good presentation, and content that adds to your own. Subscriber numbers are not so important. Any targeted (on your niche subject) and well-written ezine will be an asset within your ring.

POST YOUR INVITATIONS. Send your list an invitation to join your EzineRing. Here's a sample letter complete with instructions:


I'm setting up a free EzineRing for [your ezine name] and have selected [their ezine name] to join. The idea is very similar to webrings that allow surfers to move from site to site in the ring. An EzineRing allows a targeted audience to request a free sample and also to subscribe to your ezine. A great way to increase your subscriber base!

You only need to send me a short text ad [you may want to specify a length] promoting your ezine. This ad must contain an autoresponder link to a free ezine sample. The deadline for this is March 1, 2000.

I will then send you a small text box that must be placed in every issue of your ezine. It will contain autoresponder links to a full list of participating ezines, and the previous and next ezine samples in the ring.

I hope to hear from you shortly. This is a great promotional opportunity for your ezine - so don't miss out.

Best wishes,

[Your Name]
[Your Signature File]

LINKS IN THE RING. Once you've received all your ads, you'll need access to a free autoresponder - an email message that is sent out automatically and *immediately* upon request. Two free autoresponder services:

( or


The easiest thing to do is to place all your ads on one autoresponder and rotate them once a month (or on a regular basis) so that everyone's ad gets maximum exposure - it's only fair. This autoresponder is your full list.

BOXING CLEVER! The next step is to construct text boxes for all the members of your ring. These boxes all need to contain unique "previous" and "next" links:

* Using index cards or separate sheets of paper, list all your members (including yourself) in alphabetical order and number from 1 to whatever.

* Write down each member's sample ezine link underneath their name. This was requested in your invitation.

* On each sheet, write the words "previous" and "next" on separate lines. These relate to previous and next ezine samples.

* Number 1 in your ring will need the sample ezine link from the final member of your ring. Write this link next to "previous." Then write the sample ezine link from number 2 in your ring beside "next" for number 1.

* This sounds a little tricky, but it's not. Simply work your way through your sheets of paper remembering that "previous" requires the sample ezine link from the previous member numbered in the ring, and "next" requires the sample ezine link from the next member numbered in the ring.

* Each sheet should now contain the unique links needed for all your members.

* Construct a text box for your ring. Example:

======================================================= YOUR EZINE-RING NAME GOES HERE Sample the Best [your field] Ezines - FREE!



Full List: =======================================================

FINAL COUNTDOWN. The last step is to send the text box to all your members. "Full list" requires the autoresponder link that you set up earlier. The only parts that change for each member are the "previous" and "next" links that are now conveniently written underneath each member's name.

ADDED VALUE. By setting up an EzineRing, instead of simply participating in one, you've got a lot to gain. Sure, you'll have to organize and monitor the whole thing, but you can also identify yourself as the ring owner in both the text box and full list - these can be used to direct traffic back to your website. You can also, for example, reserve the odd ad space in your full list, to promote some of your affiliate links. You are limited only by the depths of your imagination ....

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