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Five Ways To Make Your Newsletter A Big Success

By Bill Grant
Posted Thursday, January 13, 2005

1. Developing name and brand recognition--The more people see your business' name, the more familiar they will become with it. Try to remain consistent in each newsletter. Use the same font and colors for the name. If you have a logo, keep it at the top where people can see it.

2. Tell people who you are and what services and products you offer--Be sure you are clear on these points. It won't do any good for people to become aware of you if your content is misleading.

3. Show that you are a credible expert in your field--Offer advice and tips that will show people you really know your stuff. Everyone loves to work with an expert.

4. Inform people of why they should shop with you or employ your services--Whether your newsletter is a hard sell or a soft sell determines how blunt you should be in telling your reader why you are the best. Hard sell newsletters let readers know right up front that they are trying to get their business. Soft sell newsletters focus more on self-promotion, interacting on a level of education with potential clients, customers, patients, or employees.

5. Encourage repeat business--Newsletters remind people of your presence; let them know you are still alive and kicking.

These are some of the most important benefits newsletters offer. If you give the issue further thought and consideration, you will surely come up with more. As for now, you have begun to understand the answer to that eternal question, "How will a newsletter benefit my business?"

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