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Four Joint Venture Strategies To Quadruple Your Ezine Subscriber Base Over The Next Two Months

By Dr. Bill Nieporte
Posted Friday, January 14, 2005

What would an influx of a several thousand new ezine subscribers do to your profit margin over the next two months? If you've got a worthwhile product and a site that sells, you could easily quadruple your profits!

So how do you build your subscriber base? I want to suggest four *Joint Venture* strategies that really work. A joint venture is an arrangement where two or more people trade on their resources for the mutual benefit of all. Here's how such marketing strategies might work for ezine publishers.


One of the most poorly kept secrets Internet marketing is that if you write content for your ezine and submit it to other editors, many of them will accept it for publication. Fresh and valuable information is a hot commodity for among ezine editors.

In return you (the author) will benefit from having a free resource box of about seven lines to advertise your ezine and/or other product.

It this strategy productive? Most definitely! Over the last four weeks I have distributed two fresh articles to other ezine editors. At last count these two articles have earned me nearly 500,000 FREE ezine impressions. One ezine contained over 150,000 subscribers. Within six hours after this issue hit the Internet my subscriber count had increased by over 400.


Here's a very novel idea that works wonders. Create a "Joint Venture Publishing Partnership" with a fellow ezine. Find an ezine that targets an audience your products are geared to attract. Then propose the deal. Suggest to the editor that your cross publish your ezine to other's lists.

Most shrewd ezine editors will jump at this chance. It will provide them with a brand new audience for their work (and you too). Don't worry--both of you will be especially motivated to make this issue you best ever--in order to attract more subscribers to your respective list.


On one of my sites I have joined eight other popular ezine publishers in a neat joint venture that has literally doubled my weekly new subscriptions. Whenever a person subscribes to any of these ezines on their respective domain, they are immediately transported to a co-opt page that lists all the other ezines in this fraternal relationship.


Contests are very popular means of attracting traffic to your site. Recently, however, several ezine editors developed a very creative way to use contests to increase their respective subscriber base.

Combined these editors (who publish what I believe are the very best marketing ezine on the Internet) could provide over 100,000 powerful ad impressions for one lucky winner. Their strategy was to create a single page where subscribers to register for the prize by subscribing to each list.

Next they invited webmasters and other ezine editors to advertise their exclusive subscriber site. Those who advertised would automatically be considered for a special weekly contest drawing. This system is one of the best joint venture arrangements I have ever seen. You can check it out at (

About the Author
Dr. Bill Nieporte is editor of "The Success In Life Newsletter" and webmaster of ( SPECIAL NOTICE: Free To Our Readers - We want to let you know about an "internet marketing guru" who has earned an extra $2,000,000 with his unusual no-risk "Instant Cash Flow" system... Go to: (


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