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Four Ways To Make Your Web Copy SELL!

By Ron Sathoff
Posted Thursday, December 2, 2004

Is your web site getting visitors, but not selling anything? It's the most common problem on the Internet.

If you check your web site statistics, you'll notice dozens, hundreds, even thousands of visitors stopping at your site, pausing for a minute, then clicking away. Your opening page gets tons of hits, but inner pages-often where you do all your selling-are lonely as a ghost town.

Here are four quick ways you can improve the words on your opening page to catch readers, hold their interest, and make the sale.

1. Put a big headline at the top of your page. Don't try to be cute. Simply lay out the main benefit your site offers the visitor. "Save Money NOW With Better Gas Mileage." I like to start headlines with an action word like save, learn, profit, or relax. This gives your headline energy. Don't be afraid to make your headline 15 words or longer. Long headlines get results.

2. Next give your page a bold subheading. Make it provide a clue as to how the headline's benefit can be achieved. The subheading can also add one or two more benefits a customer will receive. "Here is what you need to know to spend 20% less each month on gas. Smart driving techniques, cutting-edge gas additives, and the hard truth about SUV's."

3. Now comes the main body of your web page copy. Start by describing the pain and frustration your product or service can solve. This is where you really hook the reader. People LOVE to read about the pain in their own lives."As the price of gas rockets skyward, you find more and more of your tight budget is squandered at the gas pump. One by one you're having to drop the good things in life just so you can pay for GAS!"

4. Follow that with a bulleted list that names the features of your product or service. Next to the features, list the benefits each benefit brings. People are in a hurry. Bulleted features and benefits are quick to read.

5. Finally, put links to your order page about a third of the way down the page, at the middle of the page, and at the end of the page. Many of your best customers make up their minds quickly. You don't want them to have to hunt all the way down the page to find the link to buy.

You bet, these are very simple points. But you would be amazed how many sites that aren't selling are fouling out on these small but essential copy techniques. Try them on your opening page-and watch sales grow!

About the Author
Ron Sathoff provides marketing advice, expert copy writing, and a big selection of promotion packages. Read all his helpful marketing ideas at ( Reach him at or 801-328-9006.


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