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Getting Away From It All...Right Inside Your Own Front Door

By C.L.Hanna
Posted Thursday, January 13, 2005

Why should you have to go searching for that 'special place where you can get away from it all' when you have already dished out most of your hard-earned money for a place you refer to as "HOME"

Home-base is where all the baseball players run to.
Home-made is supposed to be the best type of food.
And, of course, "Home is where the heart is"
So...forget the "Home work"... "Home repairs" ... and "Home maintenance"

Think..."There's no place like HOME...there's no place like HOME" - (hey, it worked for Dorothy).

But seriously, why are we always 'leaving' home for something better - instead of making our biggest investment work to bring us immeasurable enjoyment?

If we would only see the home we have as the place to be...instead of seeing it as a place to grab a bite to eat...grab a few hours of sleep...or grab a change of clothing - we would realize that it could be the best little 'getaway' we could ever hope for.

What is it that you look for when you go away?

A nice place to stay, right? And what constitutes "a nice place to stay", away from home, to you? A lovely room? Comfortable bed and sumptuous bedding? Or is it the swimming pool? The jacuzi? Or maybe having a little refrigerator in your room is all it takes to make it so special. Well...whatever it is...try making your home just as inviting, interesting, fun or sumptuous, and you will find that you won't want to leave quite as often. If you are going to spend most of your working years working to pay for your home...why not make it rewarding for all your efforts? Add the extras...instead of paying someone else to use theirs. And why scrimp on the things that you will use every day of your that you can give that money to a stranger for the use of his? Make your home your castle...instead of helping someone else to build one.

"But I Need To Get Away To Relax"

No doubt, that is true some of the time. A change of scenery and schedule can do the body good, to be sure. But, most of the time, if a person is having problems relaxing when given the opportunity - it's more than just his surroundings that need to change. I know people who are wound so tight that they can't really enjoy anything...and indeed they are incapable of relaxing even when on vacation, hundreds of miles away from everything! I'm not talking to those types, because they aren't listening, anyway. But for most of us...relaxation is not as difficult and, in fact, can be easily achieved in an evironment of organization and efficiency. Stress is relieved for many of us by just being able to find what we need or want - when we need or want it. Stress is relieved when things are clean, neat and tidy...not chaotic. Stress is relieved when there is less noise and more soothing sounds abound, instead. And stress is minimized by making your home easier to maintain.

Create and use storage spaces for those things that would otherwise become clutter - and create chaos. Remember, clutter usually makes a place appear dirty... or at least un-inviting.
Give things you use on a regular basis - a regular place to call their own...everything in it's place means less wasted time and less frustration.
Clean on a regular basis...but also choose materials and accessories which are easy to clean.
Add the sound of water or other soothing backround sounds...instead of the constant "chatter" of the television. You will find it's also good for encouraging conversation. And there is nothing stopping you from turning off the phone now and then, either.
Putting more effort into making your home someplace special will pay off

But be warned...when others see what your home has become - that wonderful haven from the stresses of the world - they may be trying to "get away from it all" at your house! Be sure to specify "check out times" and post them where they can be easily seen by guests.

Copyright 2000-2003 Hearts Door (c/o C.L. Hanna)

the owner of "HEART'S DOOR", which specializes in the creative use of collectibles and vintage items in home-decorating. Having been involved in Interior Decorating and collecting for over 20 years she recently took her shop online at (

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