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Proof Reading-The in "Audible" Art Form

By Brian Holte
Posted Sunday, January 2, 2005

If you are a writer of an ebook you definitely get others to proof-read your work, right? Is proof-reading one of those tasks that if you had the option you would rather take the garbage out to the bottom of the driveway and tolerate the stench then have to sit down for a session of proof reading (not unless it’s your passion of course)? Because of the nature of the business and the reading required to provide this service those that are proof-readers are normally in great demand. By hiring a proof-reader you have the advantage of having someone from the “outside” looking over your work thereby increasing the chances of your work looking professional, well written and helping make it an even better read. Proof-readers are troopers, long nights, blurry eye’s, a temporarily forgotten spouse...just kidding. So mentally focused on the work at hand, seeking mis-spelled words like a heat seeking missle and placing exclamation marks where there should only be periods. Proof-readers are often sought for their services from virtually almost all industries, called on to create sales brochures or promotional pamphlets. Thanks to the launch of the internet they are more widely accessible. They are called upon from professionals from all walks of life, doctors, lawyers, accountants. If you think about it their like a literary first aid kit, they patch up your grammatical mistakes. Some writers hire proof-readers for their final drafts, they are familiar with the way most documents are supposed to be properly structured. Proof-readers are always there when you need them, most use a checklist to make the process as painless as possible especially for them days when it feels like it’s a Monday. Most approach proofing in a systematic way, breaking the tasks into segments or sections completing them one at a time so the job at hand doesn’t seem so big. Some have “their” way that works perfect for them but not for others, everyone’s different. What you can’t see or don’t notice proof-reader’s usually do. Some are even fluent in many different languages but be prepared to pay for such a valuable service. When seeking the services of a proof-reader cash may not always be required, although I’m sure they would prefer cash instead of an exchange of services don’t count out the bartering process totally. Some may also provide copywriting services that pack a punch with your target market, treat your proof-reader like the “diamond” they are and send them the occasional thank-you card. Proof-readers are a valuable tool, the next time you see one salute him or her (I wouldn’t recommend kissing the shoes though).

About the Author
Brian is a freelance writer and owner of ( He publishes a monthly newsletter called The Ebook King Chronicles.


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