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Refine Your Company's eNewsletter to Increase Its Viral Potential

By Jerrilynn B. Thomas
Posted Saturday, January 15, 2005

Just as your business can't be everything to everybody, you should structure your company's enewsletter following the same rule. It is your most powerful PR and marketing tool. Unleash its viral potential by providing your readers with information worth passing on to their collegues. I recently gave my enewsletter a makeover. Give your publication one by following these simple tips:

~ Relaunch it to create a buzz.

~ Give it a striking new name.

~ Refocus the content to reflect the products and services that your company provides.

~ Write short problem solving articles that feature your products and services to demonstrate their usefulness.

~ Provide powerful supplemental resources and tips that enhance the usefulness of your products and services.

~ Eliminate unnecessary ads. Your publication's main purpose is to promote YOUR business. Subscribers should not have to scroll through

~ 3 or more ads to read your publication's content. It is total turn off.

~ Create a "What's New" section. Inform your subscribers about your new products, services and company events. Create news to keep your subscribers excited.

~ Create a special discount or free trial offer every month. Set a 5 to 7 day deadline to redeem it to encourage quick action.

Business Worksheet for Refine Your Company's eNewsletter to Increase Its Viral Potential

1.] Date for your enewsletter relaunch.

2.] Think of a new name for your enewsletter.

3.] What problem(s) does your business solve for your clients?

4.] Create at least 4 powerful headlines to showcase the main articles for your upcoming issues. Tip: Use a question for your headline - Do YOU Need A PR Makeover To Make YOURSELF Newsworthy?

5.] Make a list of unique resource information your target audience would find useful. Example: PR Savvy Female Entrepreneur (, a monthly enewsletter published by the Women's News Bureau, provides a list of special days, weeks, and months businesswomen can incorporate into their press releases to make them newsworthy.

6.] Think of special discounts or trial offers for each of your products and service that you can offer to your subscribers. Remember that they have to be exciting enough for them to pass your newsletter on their business associates. Everyone loves to be in the spotlight. Showcase one of your clients every month. Introduce a staff member to highlight their expertise.

About the Author
Jerrilynn B. Thomas, owner of the Women's News Bureau ( and Women's Media Desk (, specializes in PR makeovers. If you would like a PR makeover to make yourself more newsworthy, contact her at . Businesswomen are invited to submit their news and articles to the Women's Media Desk.


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