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Unleashing the power of knowledge

By Brian Holte
Posted Sunday, January 2, 2005

We all have some sort of knowledge locked in our noggins. Through life’s experiences such as past and present employment, the adversities we’ve all had evovle during our lifetimes, such as illnesses, divorces, issue with our children, financial and emotional turmoil. To a certain point we all have something in common, the only difference is the way we have a climbed the mountains of challenge that has been placed in front of us over our lifetime at one point or another. This is the kind of information that consumers hunger for, willing to devour because our experiences differ from each other. They are the common denominators we share, it’s the way we handle them that makes the information different and unique. And that’s the information that consumers are dying to get their hands on. So when you say you can’t think of anything to write about, think again. Sit at your kitchen table and think really hard, outline on a piece of paper all of the situations that you’ve encountered and have had to overcome, write this down on paper. Everything and anything, this information is your key to success on writing an ebook that people will be interested in buying, because they wanna know. They seek the answers to their problems, you have the solutions staring you straight in the face. Profit from your experiences, there’s nothing immoral about it, people from all backgrounds do this. Whether your a survivor of a divorce, a victim of corporate layoffs, or have experienced some sort of turmoil whether it be emotional or physical, other people around the world are just starting to experience what you have “already been through”. Share your expertise and insight into how you’ve dealt with certain adversities and you’ll never run out of ideas for something to write about. By doing this you’ll profit from your sharing by selling this valuable information in electronic format, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping people who are in the situation you were “once in” at some point in your life, you can give a different prospective on how to deal with this or that, ideas that your reader would have never thought about until you shared your experiences with them, they might even be eternally grateful to you for your advice on whatever subject their having trouble dealing with, knowing that their not alone, knowing that their not the only one who has faced such adversities, and knowing that whatever the problem can be overcome. When you share with people how you’ve overcome certain problems in your life, be brutally honest. You will find as you write, everything just flows out, your passion, your pain, but most importantly your triumphs. Not only will you be helping the reader, you will be helping yourself. You may even find writing to be therapeutic, you may even notice your outlook on life become even more upbeat and positive than it already was. You may find your self emotionally exhausted but feeling somewhat invigorated at the same time, take it in and feel good about what you’ve given back.

About the Author
Brian is a freelance writer covering topics of interest to readers of all ages. Some topics covered are health, money and family related issues. He is the owner of ( and welcomes free quailty ebook submissions of topics to which people are genuinely interested in.


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