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When it comes to pricing your ebooks.

By Brian Holte
Posted Sunday, January 2, 2005

Are you having a difficult time pricing your ebooks? Don’t feel bad, your not alone. Correctly pricing an ebook is like looking for a needle in a hay stack. There are many factors that come into consideration when pricing your ebooks. Two such factors are supply and demand. Many internet marketers will be upset with me when I say this but I don’t care, unless you have one whopper of an ebook on internet marketing with a truly killer of a USP (Unique Selling Point) your dead in the water. Ouch...I know the truth hurts but this is reality in my opinion. With the LARGE amount of IM (internet marketing) ebooks on the net today and the dwindling lack of interest because of some really poorly written ebooks I’d bet their sales have suffered. There are some good ebooks on IM out there, just hard to find. When a guy is offering a $27.00 ebook with $1500.00 worth of bonuses (ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a little) something’s up, wouldn’t you think? However, if your writing an ebook on a very tight, specific niche market this is where things turn in your favour. Little Supply+Lots of Demand=Hefty Sales at a premium price. You know your onto a good idea when searches on google and amazon show up with zero results for your topic. This is when you should get excited and start creating. Look at the prices of “print books” and base your pricing on that if your really stuck for a figure. Of course this is just a general guideline, some say pricing amounts to psychology and using the right words too hook you. This is true to a certain point. I mean look at all the brochures and fliers you read every week, everyone tests, tests, and tests more. Testing comes with a price, it takes manpower to test the price feasibility of any product. Another strategy to consider when pricing your ebooks is the estimated income of your target market. How much are they making? Is your target market lawyers, teachers, or people in lower income brackets? The only way to know this is by....RESEARCHING. Some people claim that prices that end with a certain number sell better than others that end with different numbers. Reality is...who really knows for sure? No one does, once you’ve reached a price that seems to be in your target markets comfort level and you seem to be getting STEADY sales...stick with it. As you may have realised in my writing I have slightly different view of the “way things are” compared to other people. Do I have a degree in economics? Heck know! Do I have a degree in psychology? Only if you consider ex-cabdrivers experts in human psyche...maybe I’m on to something. The bottom line is this folks, come up with a niche market that has little or no competition on the web. Start to price your ebooks on the basis of “print books” (thats if there are any) and go from there. Follow your gut instinct, acquaint yourself with your target market WAY before hand and see how valuable your information may be to them. What is THEIR perception about what carries value and what doesn’t? That’s a difficult question to answer and one you must do your best to find a solution too in order to climb to the top! I bet it’ll be quite the eye opener for you. If all else fails market your info product offline first to see what kind of prices people are willing to pay than apply your finding online with a 20% discount and see how it goes. Why the 20% discount online you ask? Everyone expects to SAVE money when buying online.

About the Author
Brian is the owner of ( He publishes a monthly ezine called The Ebook King Chronicles which dissects one hot in demand ebook per month.


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