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Why do I publish thee?

By Linda Landry
Posted Thursday, January 13, 2005

Creating and publishing an electronic newsletter has been an experience. I still do not think I have it down pat, yet, but I do believe I am making progress. There have been so many scares within the last year about sp'am, filters, and pay to send. It is enough to make anyone with half a brain QUIT. Well, I haven't quit, so I either have more than half a brain, or less. Please, no comments from the peanut gallery! :~)

Seriously, publishing a 'zine has it's rewards. I have found that it has afforded me the opportunity to establish an online connection with some great people who would have otherwise remained anonymous to me. There are obviously some very sincere and giving people who are using their computer to establish themselves in a business at home. I am glad to be counted in that number.

Working at home is the ideal situation for many today. Establishing an office steps away from the kitchen, the laundry and the kids is so convenient. Taking into consideration the overhead felt by commuters, and brick and mortar establishments, we realize that the home biz is smart. The added tax advantage, call it a shelter, is so beneficial when you consider the cost of housing is your biggest expense.

So that is why I publish a 'zine! For all the net 'marketeers' who seek an affordable media to promote their online opps. We are all in this together and unless YOU are listed in the top ten on search engines, you need to market your wares or biz opps. Electronic newsletters allow you to do this at minimal cost, which by the way is tax deductible.

As your publisher, I promise you valuable, motivational and interesting content. I will do my best not to bombard you with an edition so full of classifieds that yours cannot be seen. I appreciate the new subbies who are required to wait a couple of weeks before their initial ad is published. I know it is hard to wait to see your ad copy appear. The good news is: a backlog means there are other subscribers waiting to see your ad!

I am also dedicated to preserving the quality of subscribers. You may have noticed that I referred to you as readers not subscribers at the beginning of this issue. I have kept my word and deleted all bounced addys. When I tell you the current subscriber count (and you feel like we are not growing fast enough). I ask you to understand the count is not as important as the actual number of people who will open, read, and see the content which may include your ad. So I thank you loyal subscribers again as I cannot thank you enough. That is why I publish, for you and for me and for our online opps.

About the Author
Linda Landry is the publisher of CYBERSHOPNEWS and the proprietor of two retail websites. She is listed in the 2003-4 edition of the National Register of Who's Who in Executives and Professionals. The current edition of her newsletter can be viewed on her site, GALLELRYOGIFTS: ( This article may be reprinted
without permission as long as it remains intact and includes this resource box.


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