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Why should you care about Niche Marketing?

By William E. Petersen
Posted Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Why should you care about Niche Marketing? Every Web Guru recommends that you find your niche. All the Internet Marketing experts recommend that find a niche market to worth with. Why? What makes fining a niche so important?

Everyone knows there are potentially millions of people ready to view your website or visit your web-based business. What many people, new to the web, do not realize is that this makes the Web the ultimate “high-density marketplace". This means that the Web is an environment that can support a very large number of specialized markets. You only need to attract a small percentage of the entire audience in order to be successful in a high-niche business. Because the audience size, meaning all the people on the Internet, is such a large number, if you manage to attract only the people with quality “A" or people looking for information on just subject “B", you can be very successful and generate a great deal of traffic to your website.

However, working within a specialized niche can be very time consuming and require research. This is why all the experts agree that if you are going to create a web-based business, make it niche that you enjoy working. If you enjoy it, you are more likely to succeed and it feels less like work. If the niche you choose also happens to be a subject that you already have some expertise, the better you will be and the easier and more you may enjoy the work. Finding a subject that captures your interest that you will enjoy researching or writing about. This is one way to increase your chances of success.

Another reason to find your niche is to avoid competition. Which would you prefer? To try to compete with some of the world's largest companies, with the most established names and huge budgets? Or would you try to find a specific topic that will allow you to appeal to people just interested in your specific topic? The choice is obvious. However, this means it will require some research before choosing a niche topic. There may be many topics that you are interested in that would make very bad choices because those are the topics that have the well-established competition. Do a search on web marketing and you will find millions of websites on the subject. If you are looking for a small amount of competition, this is not a good choice.

What very large numbers of people do is try and compete with the entire web all at once. They try to build the "superstore" web site by joining dozens, even hundreds, of affiliate programs; then try and promote them all. Not only are their sites unfocused, but also they often remain unfound and unused. You have probably heard the phrase you can't be all things to all people. This is very true on the web. You can't join a hundred affiliate programs and expect to be able to successfully promote them all. What ends up happening is that you succeed in none. Once you fail to sell anything you loose interest and your web-based business fades into nothing.

Instead you need to focus on a niche you know and love. Why? Because that is the only way you are going to be able to devote the kind of time and effort to create a meaningful web site with good content.

The reality is that putting up a web site alone just about guarantees that no one will find or visit your web site. Creating a website with good content takes a lot of work. If it is not a niche you know and love, you will not be able to devote the time and energy to creating a website that is meaningful and full of good content. If it is not a niche you know and love, you will not enjoy what you are doing.

To increase your chances of success, please keep in mind that you really want a topic that you know and love when you look for your niche.

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