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Your reputation depends on it.

By Brian Holte
Posted Sunday, January 2, 2005

When it comes to creating information products you will want to research your project before developing it to make sure there is a demand for it. But you’ll want to prepare before you dive in, use free tools like goodkeywords and Alexa to see what people are actually searching for. Then do a search on google to check out your competitors using quotes. If the demand window in goodkeywords is a higher count (number of searches) and the competition on google is a lower number you may be onto something. Visit forums to see what your target market is complaining about, what their reading and most importantly what their SEEKING, than from that information create the solution to their problem for them. This will ensure that you have created a product that is high in demand with little or no competition. Your target market will be grateful, you’ll be padding your pocketbook from the sales, developing a reputation for making a quality information product which equates to a higher sales conversion rate. Don’t make your ebook just a book with a whole bunch of links in it, add some real content in your ebook and you will notice your conversion rates increase because your giving the reader of your ebook real value, they will take note and spread the word about the quality of work you do. Stay away from the hype and just give the facts, people will remember this and eventually become repeat customers. This my friend should be your ultimate goal! By performing a feasability study and taking the time to research you will prevent yourself from creating a dud for an info product. You won’t get rich overnight, but with hardwork, dedication and persevearance you will succeed. Don’t try a sales pitch on your webpage instead pre-sell, give your reader helpful information and they will feel more enticed to click on your link because you wrote something of value. One main reason people purchase information products is to learn something that will solve their problems and by creating a product that educates them on their subject of interest you will leave them with a long lasting impresssion of the kind of work you do. Your efforts will not be forgotten. You were an influence in their life by writing what they wanted to know. You know you’ve done good when you create positive emotions. And being influential in a positive fashion is a great way of promoting yourself as being helpful and taking the initiative to help people with their problems. The sharing of knowledge is a powerul and profitable venture and you are capable of writing great information products if you can just manage to master the process of researching and overcoming the fear of people not liking your work, and most importantly taking action. Don’t just say it and think, write it. The key to selling your info products is stressing the benefits your visitor will receive by buying your book, of course there are other strategies to implement in you marketing
efforts but they are to many to list here. Another thing to consider is you never know who will be reading your ebook, this exposure could lead to bigger and better things down the road. Quality is just as important as quantity.

About the author
Brian is the owner of ( and operates a newsletter called The Ebook King Chronicles. Once a month he dissects a high in demand info product and shows subscribers how to create them.


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