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12 Ways To Strengthen Your Visitors Trust In You

By Ken Hill
Posted Thursday, July 15, 2004

1. Publish testimonials on your site from your satisfied customers.

Ask your customers if you can use their comments complimenting your products or customer service on your site.

You can also ask for your customers feedback on your site to garner more testimonials as well as to get valuable suggestions about your product.

If you would like to get testimonials from other experts consider giving your colleagues a complimentary copy of your product in exchange for a review.

2. Make your ad copy personable. Try writing your ad copy as if you are writing to a friend.

3. Don't make exaggerated claims or promises in your copy.

Focus on the benefits your product or service will provide to your visitor but keep your copy truthful as well as hard hitting.

4. Include an "about us" page on your site that tells your visitors about you and your company.

5. Publish your privacy policy on your site. Assure your visitors that the information that you collect from them will not be shared or sold to anyone.

6. Use a secure server to process your transactions.

Walk your visitors through the purchasing process, making it as simple as possible. Let people that are new to the internet know they have nothing to fear from ordering from you.

Also have a system in place that allows you to instantly notify your customers that you have received their order, that thanks them for purchasing from you, and that gives them information about contacting you if they have any questions or problems.

7. Let your visitors know of any awards your product or business has won.

8. Answer all of your visitors emails as quickly as possible.

Nothing will cost you your visitor's trust quicker than an unanswered email. On the other hand, being friendly and helpful will go along way in building up trust and rapport with your visitors.

9. Become a member of online business associations. Most associations will let you put their logo on your site which will enhance your reputation as well as that of your product to your visitors.

10. Offer your visitors a money back guarantee. This will show your visitors that you stand behind the quality of your products, and assure them that they have nothing to lose by purchasing from you.

11. Offer your visitors samples of your products, a trial version of your software, or let them read the first couple of chapters of your info product.

12. Get recommendations from your visitors by placing tell-a- friend forms on your site.

Using tell-a-friend form to direct new visitors to your site is the equivalent of word of mouth advertising which is very powerful.

Your visitors that come to your site because of these recommendations will be much more willing to trust you and be interested in what you have to say.

About the Author
Ken Hill publishes Net Promotion Marketer, full with internet marketing tips. Visit (


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