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Take Control of Your Newsletter Publication (Product Review)

By Terah J. Logan
Posted Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Date: April 17, 2004

Product: Newsletter Manager

Price: $9.95


Author: Terah J Logan, (

A Newsletter Script that actually WORKS!

I have purchased a zillion scripts! Often I install them on my server exactly as the instructions say, (I would say I am advanced in script installation knowledge), and for some reason they don’t work. (Poorly written scripts.). UGH!

This script called, Newsletter Manager, is an exception. I have installed this script with no problems and I have it working on my site.

We all know creating a newsletter is a great way to generate traffic, sales, and loyal customers. If you don’t have a newsletter then you really need to, and this script will provide an easy and effective way to deliver your newsletter with NO hassels!


I prefer to use this script instead of relying on third party services (i.e. ROIbot, Aweber, egroups, Rapid Reply) simply because I have full control. I manage the backup, I don’t get shut down because someone does not like my products or what I have to say, and I can edit the templates completely as I desire. See for yourself - running your own newsletter script on your own site is the way to a professional image on the Internet. (Not to mention it beats paying the monthly fees if you go through third party services! )

*Newsletter Manager* This script I installed in a matter of minutes. No exaggeration.

It’s a great product that will have you sending out your own newsletter ASAP and the options are great.

You can edit any aspect of this product - from your newsletter headers and footers, to the look of the form, to whom the newsletter is sent from, pretty much anything you want. You can have opt-in, or no opt-in, you can import email addresses, you can customize the confirmation pages and even have subscribers go to pages you design when they sign-up or unsubscribe.

Once you have installed this script any modifications are done with a very user friendly administration screen. You need your own hosting account with cgi-bin, but once it is installed you never have to touch the scripting again.

Totally user-friendly, beginners with basic CGI knowledge can install this script and so advanced webmasters can do this in their sleep. You can purchase this script for $9.95 (this product does not have resale rights) or you can hire me to install it for $19.95 (complete installation - meaning that I am not done until you can send your first newsletter).

If you are using third party services to deliver your newsletter then you might want to consider this product. I have used them all and there is nothing like having complete control of your newsletter production. The perks are obvious to me and this script runs smooth and is totally reliable.

You can see my newsletter in action at my site ( - on the homepage is a signup form. If you want to purchase the script visit ( for purchase information and for other scripts I recommend.

Here’s to your Newsletter Success!

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