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4 Tips For Building A Website In A Hurry

By Lisa M. Cope
Posted Wednesday, June 23, 2004

You want to build a website but your not quite sure where to start. It can be confusing to say the least. You have a really great idea for a hot website that will bring you in a load of cash but you have no idea how to build the site of your dreams. Here are some options for you to consider.

1. You can download an HTML editor and build it yourself!

There are several free editors you can choose from when you start building your website such as: Arachnophilia 4.0, Cool HTML, EZpad and HTML Kit. You can go to and find
dozens more, any one of these should do the job just fine. It's all a matter of your personal preference.

Now if you want to get serious the are some excellent editors on the market but be prepared to part with a few of your hard earned dollars. I use Microsoft FrontPage. There is also
Macromedia's DreamWeaver. That's just to name two.

If you don't know anything about HTML code or WYSWYG editors this method could take you a while but, the upside is you'll get an education along the way. Plus doing all of the work
yourself is very cost effective.

2. You can download templates to make it a little easier.

Again there are many places where you can download website templates to get you started. Once you have chosen the
perfect template, it's just a matter of adding in your own information and uploading your site. I'm simplifying it just a bit but, templates are a big time saver. Especially when your new to building websites or if your just in a hurry.

Simply do a search for website templates in your favorite search engine and you will find many places. Most you will have to pay for. Some will let you download for free. It all
depends on what your looking for in a template.

All in all working with templates is the fastest way to get the job done yourself. Although it may cost you a little more.

3. You can hire a designer.

Hiring someone to design your site is an alternative. There are many fantastic designers out there. One of my favorites is Linda Caroll from

Of course if your on a budget you should defiantly shop around. Take your time and know exactly what your getting.

Ask questions like:

Will you have exclusive rights to the design?
Will you be able to maintain the site yourself?
How many pages are included?
Will there be any extra fees for special scripting?

This option will most likely be the more expensive way to go. But if you want quality and you have a big enough budget it's one of the easiest routes you can take.

4. Buy a site already done!

Definitely the fastest way to go. Look around, search in the engines. You will find places that sell turnkey websites, all ready for you to upload and start promoting. Look in your local classified ads for businesses and websites for sale. I'm sure you will find a few.

Did you know that you can even bid on websites on Ebay. Go figure! I was just there the other day and I was
pleasantly surprised to find some really great sites. I browsed through and of course I found several sites that weren't all they were cracked up to be but, I also found a select few that were really a great deal.

Just keep your eyes open and make sure you read over all the fine print before you make your final selection.

When you set out to build your website just take in to consideration these simple things and you will be more
ready to make an informed choice.

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