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5 quick fire ways to 'please' your visitor:

By Chris Richardson
Posted Thursday, September 30, 2004

# 1: Browser/platform compatibility -

Your visitor expects your site to work in their browser/platform at all times.

Solution - provide a site that works in all modern browsers and platforms.

Benefits - He or she can now wait for your site to load knowing that - at the least, they can access it. (First base is a major step!)

# 2: Load time -

Your visitor is very very impatient and has the attention span of a 15 year old grey haired dog with arthritis in it's knees and a bowl with no dog food in it.

Solution - provide him/her with a super quick loading web site.

Benefits - He or she will be so pleased they may just look further into your web site and see if it holds them to interest.

# 3: Design -

Your visitor is very critical and expects a professional design at least for their time.

Solution - provide him or her with a very nice, clean and professional layout.

Benefits - He or she will be impressed and may decide to venture even further.

# 4: Navigation -

Your visitor is on the prowl and wants to find what they are looking for yesterday.

Solution - provide him or her with a navigation system that enables a quick and an effective route to what they are looking for.

Benefits - He or she will be very pleased they may spend some time on your site discovering if what they found is of value to them.

# 5: Content -

Your visitor demands the very best - best being 22 carrot gold not that awful gold plated rubbish.

Solution - provide him or her with up to the date content that is easy to understand, writing and produced well and to the point.

Benefits - He or she will be very pleased they may even bookmark your site for future reference.

There you have it, 5 quick fire ways to 'please' your visitor. The key to any success on the web is by giving your visitor what they want. When you do give your visitor what they want - they tend to return, and that's what it is all about.

Access + quick loading + professional design + excellent navigation + great content = a very competent web site that should serve the purpose of both yourself and more importantly your visitors.

In this day and age people are demanding more from a web site and so they should. There is no excuses any more. We have all the tools available to build competent web sites to a professional standard. We don't have to be a pro we just need to understand the visitor more - and boy are they/we demanding.

Yes the visitor is king! Long may they reign.

Thanks for reading.

Chris Richardson:

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