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So you want your own website

By Susan Prince
Posted Wednesday, September 29, 2004

So you have been marketing for a few weeks,you are an affiliate of one or two companies and have come to realize that to be successful you are going to need your own website.You are totally confused and have no ideal how to even begin.This article is written for you and for all newcomers that are in need of a little guidance.

Your first step is to sign up with a good hosting company.You normally pay a monthly fee and prices and services vary widely so do some research and find a company that suits your paricular needs.You need to feel comfortable with and have confidence in who you choose. There are some companies that offer free hosting but they normally are not up to much and I would not recommend them.

Now you will need to choose a Domain name,this will be the address of your website and is how it is found on the web.Your domain name can be anything just as long as it is not register to anybody else.Have a look at other names of websites to give you some ideas of what you would like.Once you have chosen a name you will need to register it.This is normally done through your hosting company you will pay a yearly fee to register the name.

Once all this is sorted out you will have a web site,a empty site yes but a site netherless.Now comes the task of filling it with content.To do this you need to learn Html or Hypertext Markup language,its the universal language that all web pages are written in. Don't panic it really is not as hard as it first looks.Get yourself a good tutorial there are plenty on the net and take the plunge.

You can work on your website when it is online by going into the file manager and unlocking the page but I think it better to use Microsoft Frontpage to creat your page and upload it afterwards.Its a great program that makes things so much easier.It allows you to preview all your work so everytime you add or delete anything you can check to see the results.

Take the plunge and start with simple text and work from there.It won't be long before you can alter the text to your liking,add links,colour,banners its all very acheivable.Just remember if you make a mistake it doesn't matter you can just delete it and try again.Remember to save your work as you go along.

Once the page is to your liking,it doesn't matter if its very simple to begin with,you will add to it as your experience grows upload it to your server and away you go.You now have your own website.

All the best

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