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Creating Your First Business Website

By Shannan Hearne-Fortner
Posted Friday, June 25, 2004

What are the primary goals of everyone venturing into e-commerce?

To get a website online fast and make money. Putting it simply. So how do
people do it? What works and what doesn't?

According to Milana Leshinsky of ( and
author of the Create Your First Business Web Site CD and tutorial, you don't
need to learn HTML, you don't have to buy expensive programs, and you need
to be able to update your website yourself any time you choose.

In my professional experience with clients and my personal experience with
( the biggest pitfall for most webpreneurs is
NOT being able to edit their own website and being always at the mercy of a
webmaster. The most important thing is to have an internet presence that
truly reflects what your business is and what it offers.

Remember that if you cannot edit your website yourself then every price
change, every product addition, and every special or clearance sale must be
planned farther and farther in advance. And if you're selling widgets on
your website just like a million other websites are selling widgets you have
to be able to differentiate yourself from the marketplace.

Milana Leshinsky's tutorial is one of the finest web design teaching tools
on the market. And its endorsed by some of the biggest names in e-commerce!

When it comes to creating an internet presence, you cannot rely on the
loyalty of your customers to shop or continue to shop with you. And you
cannot rely on the search engines to provide quality search engine listings
without lots of work. You cannot count on people finding your site by
accident AND shopping there. So you have to lay a solid business foundation
from the very start with a quality product or service represented on a
quality website.

Many people struggle through the design of a website only to struggle
further to actually publish it to the internet and get it hosted. One of
the greatest aspects of Milana's book is that it provides you with ALL the
resources you need to move from concept to reality with your first business
web site. Not only does Ms. Leshinsky's tutorial teach you what you need to
know and refer you to the resources you need to use what you learn, but it
saves you thousands of dollars in software licenses and design fees. So,
now that you know where to go to get your first business web site, what are
you going to do with it?

Success Promotions provides tons of internet marketing resources online in
addition to their professional website marketing services. If you want to
create AND market your business website yourself, then you need to plan to
spend at least ten hours per week wearing your marketing hat. If you do
that, your first business website will be the only one you'll need. But
what the heck? If the first one is successful, then continue to build and
reap the online rewards.

Milana Leshinsky's powerful e-book tutorial
Success Promotions' marketing resources

About the Author
Shannan Hearne-Fortner
President and Wizard
Marketing Your e-Business Better


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