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General SEO guide

By Neo
Posted Saturday, June 26, 2004

SEO Optimization techniques

Below are some techniques/guidelines that help in your page to become Search engine optimized.

The ‘crawlers' or ‘spiders' that a search engine send to your site are not able to view all the eye-candy and other nitty-gritty graphics on your site but can only obtain the textual information. In fact there are certain things they can see like the Meta tags which we normal users are unable to see.

Meta tags

Generally there are two kinds of Meta tags I use.

•< meta name="keywords" content=" “ >
•< meta NAME="Description" content="" >

In the first one I enter ‘keywords', which are describing words for my site. They are not exactly adjective's like in

•A orange car

In this instance orange is the adjective but not exactly a suitable keyword for the page. While car seems more appropriate as it gives a description to the contents of the page, i.e. a page which has information about an orange car

Now although the keyword ‘car' is used on the page, you must have gone into details about the bonnet, spoiler, leather seats, power steering, fuel efficiency, alloy wheels, horse power and other things of the car, yes?

The other information you had provided can also be used as keywords but its better if you only use a keyword that has been mentioned on your site.

Using meta tags creatively and efficiently can help a lot in your site occupying a ‘good' spot in SERP's (Search Engine Results Pages).

Unlike other people I don't believe in occupying a #1 spot on Google or any other search engine as I know that the change of its algorithm can get be down any time. Rather I would like to considered relevant for a variety of other keywords other than just my ‘core' keyword.

The Title Tag

•< title > < /title >

This part will take up your most creative time thinking of an appropriate one. It's just like a one-time limited opportunity.

Choosing a title is like choosing an attractive caption for something only that your Title should have the keyword you want to rank HIGHEST for.

I prefer to limit my index-page title to a maximum of 5 words any more than this makes the Browser title of a user pretty cluttered.

Remember while designing a site always put yourself in your members place and think how they would feel. Ask others around if they would consider a re-visit to your site or not?

Use of header tags

Although they don't look that neat it helps the ‘spider' to get a description of the content of the page. It's a win-win situation in this case. You can write a CSS code and reduce the size of the h1 size if you want.

Link Exchange

I'm sure you've read scores of articles stressing about swapping links with other sites as that is a key factor in SEO.

This is quite true but it is becoming quite importing to exchange links with sites having content related to yours and which is not in direct competition of your site.

Don't just approach the webmaster of the site you want to exchange links with by the aid of an automated message you ask everyone. Make it look a bit ‘personalized' and include a few details of the site you may have noticed to make the webmaster feel that you have actually gone through the site.

Although I'm new SEO specialist the above are the few hints I have experienced while my experience on the web.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to se results as of now that I had expected my site would show.


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About the Author
Neo is the founder of WebHosts Discussion forum a forum based at holding webhosting relaed discussion and to discuss common webmaster news.


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