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How to Write Headlines That Get The Sale!

By Merle
Posted Thursday, July 15, 2004

Summary of what to and what not to include in your ad headlines

When placing classified ads you really need to pay attention to the headline. A good headline can make the difference of between your ad being read or skipped over.

It's good practice to sit and write headlines, lots of them. When you get an idea, write it down. If the headlines not good, no one will read the rest of your ad. You need to grab the readers interest and grab it fast!

So what makes a good headline? A good headline communicates strong benefits for the reader. Benefits act on the buyer's emotions, and people often act, at least the majority of the time on their emotions.

A few good points to remember when writing headlines:

* Do not use all caps * Try to stay under 17 words if you can * Use one font throughout * Make the benefit believable * Use strong action words * Use quotes around your headlines

Make sure when you place your ads you track them to see which ones are drawing the best response. Once you find an ad that works "stick with it". Don't change it if it's working.

There are certain words that pull well in headlines.Try to include some of the following;

How to Secrets Discover Sale Free You Amazing Limited Time Offer

There you have it folks in a nutshell. Follow these tips, practice writing, and before you know it you'll be an expert headline writer too.

About the Author
Merle is an internet marketer, promotion consultant and ezine publisher. Visit her sites at (, ( and (


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