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Manage Your Subscriber Lists Part 3

By Alexandria K Brown
Posted Monday, July 12, 2004

If you're ready to begin publishing your own e-mail newsletter, or 'e-zine,' you basically have three options to manage your subscriber list:

1. Do it yourself with your current, everyday e-mail program.

2. Sign on with an online list service to manage it all for you.

3. Purchase list management software to use on your own computer.

Today, we'll review option three, purchasing your own software.

If you enjoy doing things yourself, want to save money in the long run, and are serious about marketing your business online, you may be happiest having 'Mission Control' right at home by purchasing list management software that you run on your own computer.

List management software programs range in price from 49 up to ,000 and more. Most of you reading this can get away with one costing 00 or less. And when you consider that an online list service will cost you at least 00 a year anyway (5/mo. x 12 mos. = 00), the software pays for itself quickly.

PLUS, some of these programs also provide other features such as e-mail autoresponders that, when purchased separately, typically cost at least 0 a month.

Here are three programs that I've heard great things about from my readers and workshop participants. The first two offer their clients phone support as well as online support, which I feel is important. I always like being able to pick up the phone and get a real person.

(Please note I've tagged these with special links to determine the amount of reader interest.)

Broadcast/MailWorkz (49+)


Send your messages in text, HTML, or AOL formats, plus extensive list management tools, campaign management, and an easy to follow wizard. FREE 10-day trial. Phone and online support available.

MailLoop (79)


Send your messages in text or HTML formats, personalize messages, unlimited autoresponders, list management tools. Money back guarantee. Phone and online support available.

Opt-in Lightning (9.95+)


Send your messages in text or HTML formats, personalize messages, 26 autoresponders, list management tools. Lots of cool techie features. Money back guarantee. Online support only. (This software is actually installed to your Web server, which you can have them do for you, for another 0-00.)


If the program you choose resides and runs on your own computer, it will use up a lot of your computer's brainpower, depending on the size of your list. Before you purchase any software, learn what its requirements are as far as computer memory, disk space, and compatibility with other programs.


As much as these programs tout time-saving features, there's some setup work to do. And if you experience any problems, you may not be able to get help as quickly as you'd like to. (If phone support is important to you, make sure the service you choose offers it.)


VERY IMPORTANT: Imagine working for months to build up your e- zine readership to 5,000 subscribers, and then one day losing them all in a flash! Sadly, this could very well happen. Your computer could get an nasty virus that kills all your data, your cat could trot over a dooming sequence of keys, a sudden power outage could fry your hard drive, etc.

Back up your list to a CD or disk every day. There's all kinds of software out there that you can set up to automatically backup your files, and I'd highly recommend purchasing some. That way you can cross it off your daily to-do list.

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