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New Mantra of Search Engine Optimization and Web Promotions

By Sandip Kar
Posted Friday, July 2, 2004

Recent study shows that there are more than 7 billion web sites are there in the universe and Google is crawling more than 4 billion by this time. All the web site owners are looking forward for good ranking (within 20th position is termed as good ranking as per the industry standard). Now imagine the fact that a new web site in the category of 'online games' or 'shopping cart' wants to achieve top 20 ranking within a period say 30-45 days. Is it possible to get that type of organic search results and that too within this short time period ? The answer is big NO!!.

As per the new algortihm Google refuses to index a web site who don't have much relevant and imporatnt links pointing to it. So what is the future of newly launched websites ? Don't be confused but think in a logical way how this can be made possible. Search Engine Optimization is a part of Web promotions and web promotion are like other contemprorary business promotions which takes months and years to establish a brand or logo.

For a new small business or any other category web site consider a minimum time period of 6 months for web promotion activities and divide these into following areas:

1>> Free Directory Submission - Submit your site in different open directory projects like DMOZ. This directory submission will take more time so this has to be completed first. But remember your web site should not have any page under construction status and try to pick the most relevant category which best describes your business. Be specific in your site title and descriptions. Don't use any promotional word or pharse in the title or description itself

2>> Press Release Submission - Prepare a 1 full page press release matter pointing out the basic and useful features or utility of your site or services. Distribute this press release among different paid and non paid press release submission service web sites. Press release submission is now being one of the most favorite and possible way to promote your web site within the quickest possible time. If possible try to submit into some good paid press release services also.

3>> Paid Directory Submission - Just like open directory submission submit your web site into different paid directory services. But before doing so make sure the directory itself is relevant have healthy PR value, which proves the effetiveness of the same in terms of web promotion. This process is costly but if executed professionally these can bring you a very much targetted traffic who actually looking for a service or business web site like yours. Both paid and non paid directory links are one way and hence valuable to your site

4>> Theme Based Link Popularity Campaign - Google’s new topic specific PR (which will play a greater role in future) essentially will make (and is making) links from general sites not worth much (if anything atall) Does it mean that it still makes sense to trade reciprocal links? Yes, it does. However, when you get links to your site, you should do it right. When you build links to your web site, you should act as if search engines didn't exist at all. Just use common sense. Don't focus on the Google PageRank or the search engine ranking of a web site. If you see a good web site with good content that has a low PageRank you should trade links with that site if that web site is useful for your visitors. One day, that page might have a higher PageRank and it will still link back to you. Search engines are only one way to attract visitors to your site. Visitors who find you through related links on other sites are very targeted visitors. These visitors are much better than visitors who found you through an unrelated keyword on a search engine.

All these activites will take around 4-5 months time and this is called the incubation period for web promotion when your site will get some food and PR (PageRank) becomes healthy so that Search Engines actually see it

5>> Basic Search Engine Optimization - Search Engine Optimization coding like modification of title, metatags, HTML enhancements are now come into play when search engines begin to crawl your site and at this stage it will help or prepare your site infront of search engines to get a good ranking.

If all these steps are performed in a better and professional way then there is no reason why your site will not come into top. All you have to wait and put more and regular efforts to promote it for the search engines just like you promote your business in other ways. There is no magic, no trick, no technique to get a good ranking. All depends on methodical and right categorical approach from the launching of your site.

Please note that with search engine optimizations you are getting exposure of your sites into various other web sites which is the real mode of 'Web Promotion'

About the Author
Sandip Kar, renownwd SEO Consultant India and also the Project Manager of ( is a B.Tech in Instrumentation from Calcutta University and engaged in search engine optimization consultancy for the last 4 years


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