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SEO Portal or Free SEO? You Decide.

By Kevin Gee
Posted Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Our company JUMP Internet Marketing ( has been providing search engine optimization and marketing services since 1995. During this time we have been approached with some very inventive ideas. The latest proposals are from companies wanting to partner with us to create so called "SEO Portals."

These companies have explained that our company would create the portal, optimize and market it. After doing so they would provide the clients/content for the portal. The company would charge clients to be placed onto one of these high-ranking portals and in return pass a fee along to our company.

At first glance, this doesn't sound like a bad idea. However, I cannot help but wonder how much of the content/clients would be affiliate links of the company and useless Spam? Ethically these so called portals are starting to sound like an optimized "link farm" or "FFA" page.

Furthermore, based upon industry research and analysis we are aware at how much the search engines do not like sites that consist of nothing more than useless Spam and affiliate links.

Proper search engine optimization and marketing takes hours of research and hard work if it is to be done correctly. Let's face it folks our reputations are at stake here. Do we really want our company name associated with a portal that could possibly be banned by the search engines?

It is of my opinion that these companies are sugar coating an effort to spam the engines and use SEO companies to do it. Think about this for one second, how quickly would a porn site jump at the opportunity of free SEO? The answer? Well, you know the answer.

Legitimate companies wanting to create a portal would take morally correct actions to do so. Why not hire an SEO firm? It would save them learning and research time and money. Why not learn to do it themselves? Ethically correct companies would take steps such as these instead of trying to rip the shirt off the back of legitimate search engine optimization companies.

I think for now, we here at JUMP Internet Marketing ( will pass on this latest attempt at search engine trickery, as we prefer to stick to the straight and narrow and do things ethically and by the book.

So, do these companies really want an SEO portal? Do they want free SEO (search engine optimization) services? You decide.

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About the Author
Article by Kevin Gee. Kevin is a certified SEO specialist through Coastal Carolina University and has been performing SEO strategies for over 3 years. He is currently employed as Internet Marketing Manager at JUMP Internet Marketing.


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