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The Importance of Content

By Scott F. Geld
Posted Saturday, August 14, 2004

“The content is very important”. It’s true that this line has become monotonous, but you would still hear it more often from all the marketing icons. The reason is quite plain and simple; when you have a web presence, Content is the thing that attracts customers and retains their attention. It is the one and only mean, which would bring customers to your website and turn leads into sales through all your advertising campaigns. This is what you are selling, and you should hit right on the bull’s eye for it. No place of compromise when it comes to content of your website.

If you do not feel confident enough of writing great content yourself, it’s better to hire a good writer to do it for you. But before choosing an appropriate copywriter, you should know whether he possess Search Engine Marketing (SEM) / Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) copywriting experience or not. This is the most important point, as your have a commercial website which is selling your business, and your main aim is to bring traffic to your website. So an adept person, with an experience of SEM/SEO, can do wonders for your business.

With clear, concise and compelling information presented attractively about your product and service, you hope to move the visitor to view your web site favorably when determining their action.

Descriptive and reflective website content with rich information about product and service targeted to sell, makes way towards success. Internet sales got doubled in the last decade, even when the economy was struggling. In this light, you would have been surprised to know that large fancy corporate websites and dot-coms are losing money. Most of the time you can’t even locate what is on the sale at their website. When visitors hit your home page, they want to know your identity and what you can do for them. Just fancy sites don’t sell, strong content does.

This same painstaking consideration is rarely given to the search engines that are the determining factor in your ranking position, which they assign your web site. Your search engine ranking is the key to the amount of visitors, and the success of your website, finally.

So, give importance to the content you have on your website and do all the things necessary to promote your web business. Hard work always pays; contrary to no work, no pay. Learn and analyze what other people are doing. Learn about success stories and implement them in your business plans. Everyone is making money on the web; so can you. Some are making less and some are making more but there is a whole world out there to be explored. Avail the infinite opportunity and get your bank account swelled!

About the Author
Scott F. Geld is the Marketing Director of, a company providing targeted traffic and leads: (


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