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"Website Conversion Secrets Revealed"

By Ewen Chia
Posted Friday, July 2, 2004

In my last article entitled "Maximizing The True Value Of Your Traffic" (found at (, you discovered the importance of generating positive responses from all your visitors.

The crux of this strategy resides in the concept known as website conversion, and how it can make you tons more profits with much lesser work.

In essence, you can squeeze more value from the same traffic, simply by converting a higher percentage of visitors into paying customers...

..and the best way to do this is by increasing your conversion rate!

Now there're really only two major factors affecting website conversion, they are (1) Website Mechanics, and (2) Power Copy.

Let's look at each briefly:

(1) Website Mechanics

This refers to the 'mechanical' aspects of your website.

For example, how fast it loads.

Internet surfers are an impatient lot, and studies have found that if your site have not loaded within 8 seconds, you've lost them.

Another area of concern is how well you present your site to the visitor, does the design relate to the product?

Consistency is an indisputable law of persuasion and you should harness it's full potential on your site.

(2) Power Copy

Entire encyclopedias have been written about copywriting and there's only one reason why - it's that important.

Web copywriting is not just an art. It's a science, a paint-by-numbers formula that you can apply for massive profits online.

Copywriting, contrary to what many think, is more than words alone. It encompasses many factors that result in one simple objective- getting your visitors to take action!

It's your entire offer and presentation COMBINED with the power of words, which makes the sale.

While increasing conversion rate can turn any money-losing site into a money- spitting one without more work or traffic... the real question is:

Are you doing it - or are you continuing to make the same mistakes over and over again?
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