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Writing For The Web - Four Steps You Can't Ignore!

By April Ward
Posted Monday, June 21, 2004

If you are developing a new web site or upgrading the web site you have, you may be wondering how to get started. When I consult my clients regarding their web sites, I try to give them this little bit of advice. Spend 20 percent of your time on the design of your site and 80 percent of your time on the content.

High-quality content will help build credibility and trust between you and your customers. One thing I know for sure; there are a lot of scams on the Internet today and people have become very distrustful of what they see and read. The key to having a successful web site is to provide quality information that isn’t hype, so you can position yourself as the expert in your field.

To write good content for your web site, keep these things in mind.

1.Try to anticipate the questions and concerns your customers may have and provide answers to those questions on your web site.

2.To write customer focused copy, you must become the customer.

Let’s say that your small business sells the EZ Widget 4000 and you need to write new copy to entice your customers to purchase your new product. To write customer focused ads, try this exercise.

First Draft: “We sell the EZ Widget 4000.”
To think like your customers, ask yourself, “So …what’s in it for me?”

Second Draft: “Our EZ Widget 4000 has seven speeds.”
“So…what’s in it for me?”

Third Draft: “With seven speeds, the EZ Widget 4000 will save you time and money, reducing your costs by up to 50%!”

BINGO! That’s the selling statement you really need! To write effective copy, you must think like your customers.

3.Long web pages are better. It’s easier for your viewers when they don’t have to wait for several pages to download.

4.Position yourself as an expert. Provide free information that your customers find valuable. This will build credibility and help establish you as a professional.

Having valuable customer focused content is the key to any successful web site, so spend the necessary time writing and rewriting your copy until it is the absolute best it can be.

About the Author
About the Author: April Ward earned a Masters in Marketing focusing her thesis project on Internet marketing. Ward teaches Internet marketing classes and has written several books including, “Web Design On A Dime” and “How To Avoid The Pitfalls Of Conducting Business Online”. Visit her web site at (


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