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Add A Tweak To Your Website; Make It Talk (3)

By Oluwafisayo Akinlolu
Posted Wednesday, September 29, 2004

You must have realised that the easy way to making your website a winner is to
1. Get people to visit it
2. Get them to come back
3. Get them to bring along others when they return.

You can simply not get these three things done unless your website talks right. All websites talk but does your talk right?

The very first thing you should get rid of are the flashes and blinding colours. They are simply obnoxious. I have visited quite a number of sites and logged off in less than three minutes because I was almost blinded by the colours and I just couldn't stand the flashes.

Second, how easy is it to navigate your site? These are the first two things a visitor to your site notices and believe me, it decides what happens next.

Make your site inviting and navigable. Once done, make it TALK SOME MORE!

Have you noticed that most websites carry no personality? You just feel like you are with some kind of machine when on the site.

Add personality to your site. The number one reason why people will come back is because of you. So, add "you" to your site.

Here is a simple illustration.

I have been to sites under construction and all I see is "This site is under construction." It's okay, but won't it be nice to see something like "Thank you for visiting this site. Because we want to make it just perfect for you, it has taken a little long to complete. The site will be complete in (specify time). We do hope you will come back then to see how perfect the site is."

Now, which one of the two will make you return?

Always make your website talk and not just talk, make it talk right.

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