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How To Make Your Website User Friendly

By Ken Hill
Posted Tuesday, June 1, 2004

The following tips will help you build a user friendly website that generates more profit for your business:

1. Build your site to be fast loading. Eliminate the use of large slow loading graphics, banners, or anything else that would make your site not load quickly.

Keep in mind that most internet users will not stay on a site that takes more than 15 or 20 seconds to load.

Limit your use of graphics to only those that add to your site's theme or that grab and focus your visitors' attention on your ad copy or promotional material.

2. Don't ask your visitors to download anything in order to properly view or use your site.

3. Keep your site accessible to the majority of internet users including visitors with different browsers.

4. Rid your site of dead links. Continue to regularly check your links to make sure they are all still working properly.

5. Keep your site easy on the eye. Eliminate the use of endlessly scrolling pages, blinking or moving animation, and be careful when choosing which color scheme to use for your site.

6. Keep your design and color scheme consistent throughout your site.

7. Don't open all of your pages in a new window. Use this option only when linking to other people's sites within your site's content to make it easy for your visitors to continue to use your site.

8. Make your site easy to navigate. Your visitors should be able to know, as well as you do, how to get to everything on your site.

Include a site map, a link back home on each of your pages, make your visited links and not visited links color different, and if your site is large enough also include a search function.

9. If you constantly update your site with new content, make it easy for your visitors to find the latest changes to your site by providing them with a "What's New Section."

10. You can also make it easier for your visitors to find what's new on your site by asking them to subscribe to be notified by email when you've added new content to your site.

11. Give quality support to your visitors by adding a "Frequently Asked Questions" page to your site, providing your email and contact information on every page of your site so that your visitors can easily get in touch with you, and by answering all your visitors' inquiries in a timely and courteous manner.

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