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How To Top The Medal Tables With Your Website

By Michael Cheney
Posted Saturday, September 25, 2004

The Olympic motto is "Citius, Altius, Fortius" meaning "Swifter, Higher, Stronger" so let's talk about how you can improve your website in each of these ways..

**Making Your Website Swifter

The swifter your website is - the quicker it will appear on a visitor's screen and the less likely it is that they will sprint away from it for good with a quick hop, skip and jump. Make your website swifter by:

# Having less images on the homepage
# Removing bulky Flash intro pages from your site
# Removing any animations / sounds on your homepage unless you feel your website would be utterly worthless without them...

**Making Your Website Higher

You want to at the top of the search engines don't you? Well, follow these simple steps and you'll be vaulting up the polls in record-breaking time:

# Play by their rules and read their instructions - every search engine has different criteria for accepting websites, never try to 'beat the system'
# Use the right bait: make sure you are using phrases on your website that your potential customers are actually typing into the search engine in the first place
# Make sure your website that has great content on it that has been created with people in mind and not search engines

**Making Your Website Stronger

How strong is your website at getting its message across? You can get your message across more strongly and effectively by:

# Using short sentences, bullet points and punchy text
# Backing up your message with key selling points and benefits
# Reducing the number of messages and options you present to visitors
# Using carrots: don't be ashamed to entice people to get in touch with you or make an enquiry

Good luck getting that gold medal for your website!

Mike Cheney

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