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Design Tips

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Highlighting Free For All Links
[Feb. 6, 2004] How to highlight free for all links.
Ad Tracking With A Link
[Feb. 1, 2004] Ad tracking with a link.
Find out how to get good rankings in the search engines if your site uses frames.
[Oct. 23, 2003] Find out how to get good rankings in the search engines if your site uses frames. By Sumantra Roy
How To Hide Your HTML Code
[Oct. 15, 2003] Many web authors are extremely defensive about their HTML code, especially if they feel that they have created something unique. A few days ago I received an e-mail from someone asking how another site was able to nerate an error message whenever he attempted to use the View Source button to checkout the underlying HTML.
If You Know It Isn't Broken, It May Need Fixing!
[Oct. 14, 2003] As we come to know our websites through repeated visits, we may become blind to faults within them. A good hard look at elements we have assumed are solid may suggest a need for changes. By Bob McElwain
10 tips for better web sites
[Oct. 13, 2003] What are the secrets of the super sites? Why do some sites suceed while the majority of others fail? More and more Internet business owners are asking themselves these questions. The answers are frequently more obvious than you may think.
Page Cloaking - To Cloak or Not to Cloak
[Oct. 13, 2003] Find out what is page cloaking, how it is implemented, and whether or not you should actually use page cloaking. By Sumantra Roy
Color Fundamentals
[Oct. 8, 2003] Using color on a web site is something many of us take for granted. Simply select the color of the text, background, image etc. and include it on your web page. Color however, is a very complex topic. Just how many colors are there? How are they specified? How many colors are available on a
visitor's computer? How do you specify the color of the background, links, filled objects etc?
Top 10 mistakes in web design
[Oct. 7, 2003] Don't try to attract users to your site by bragging about use of the latest web technology. You may attract a few nerds, but mainstream users will care more about useful content and your ability to offer good customer service.
Top 10 Search Engine Positioning Mistakes
[Oct. 2, 2003] The top mistakes that people make when they try to optimize their sites for the search engines. Avoid these mistakes to save yourself a lot of anguish and frustration in the long-run. By Sumantra Roy
10 tips for writing great web content
[Sep. 22, 2003] Online writing is different to writing for print. This is because: people read slower on the screen than on paper. Most readers scan for information instead of reading every word. People often come to the web to find specific information, rather than read for leisure.
The Other Side Of Headlines
[Aug. 23, 2003] Page headlines matter, for as many as 80% of visitors click off the page and site before reading a word of content. There may be a need to send away even more. By Bob McElwain
The top 10 ways to not win awards
[Aug. 13, 2003] Winning awards is a lot of fun. It can also be tough. I could give you lots of advice about how to win awards, but I think it might be more instructive to explain how people fail to win awards.
Creating a Robots.txt file
[Jul. 1, 2003] How you can create a robots.txt file in order to prevent your site from being penalized for spamming by the search engines. By Sumantra Roy
Protecting Your Work, Part 2
[Jun. 24, 2003] The fact is that HTML and the World Wide Web are open formats. There are things you can do to help protect your work but there is probably no way you can fully protect it.
Color Emotion
[Jun. 11, 2003] This week I will discuss the emotional aspects of color. When we view a web site, the colors will evoke an emotional response at some level. That emotion could encourage a visitor to explore deeper or to move on faster. The correct response depends upon your objective.
Why should we care about fonts?
[May 7, 2003] There are many subtle aspects that can make a web page and a web site look bad, messy or (heaven forbid!) amateurish, one of these things is too many fonts on the page.
Handy Hints For Web Designers
[Apr. 22, 2003] Web Designing is as easy as 1-2-3, claim some of the software tools on the market that "generate" your pages for you. Unfortunately, many web designers today have fallen prey to this marketing gimmick - and the results are obvious. Every now and then, one comes across a website that looks good with a particular browser and a particular screen-resolution; but view it with a different browser, and you can't even read the plain text on the page. Worse still, given the number of operating systems that are used by netizens worldwide, these pages will never be seen properly by more than a half of the intended surfers. By Manas Tungare
Spice up your Web site
[Apr. 20, 2003] I recently ran across a photo of two women in regal red robes surrounded by the terra-cotta warriors of Xian, China. What they are reverently holding is not an ancient Oriental scroll, but a bottle of Cakebread Cellars Chardonnay.
Computer Color
[Mar. 24, 2003] This week I shall discuss how the computer uses color. This should help you to understand the different color selection methods, the consequences of selecting a specific color and how that color is going to be seen by a visitor to your web site.
6 ways to rev up your Web site
[Mar. 7, 2003] Creating a business Web site can be a major investment of time, money or both. How do you make sure that you get the most out of that investment?
Two common web design myths
[Mar. 6, 2003] If your site has been around for a while, you'd probably have been visited by the "Web Design Police" (people who have a lot of time on their hands). In fact, depending on your site, you might have been visited by different branches of these people, both advocating opposite policies. We received an email from one of our visitors who had apparently been "helped" by some of these people, and thought that an article on two of the myths of web design is appropriate.
Adding Multimedia To Your Site
[Feb. 24, 2003] The Anchor Tag is very versatile. It can be used to link to a new page, open a mail program or execute a Script. In fact, the anchor tag can be used to link to any file on your web site.
What is Flash and when and why to use it?
[Feb. 16, 2003] Flash is a vector animation software originally designed to create animations for display on web pages. Vector graphics are ideal for the web because they are so lightweight.
Web design for the no-talent artist
[Feb. 3, 2003] Not everyone can hit a 90 mile per hour fast ball 400 feet. That's why there are so few major league baseball players. Most everyone enjoyed art class while in school, but we also realized there was probably only one in each classroom who actually had a talent for drawing. So too with web design. We can't all be like the brilliant Willie Otto, but that shouldn't limit our ability to present a credible web offering that serves our purposes, and attracts attention. If your graphic art talent is limited to stick figures and cartoon landscapes, this article may just be for you.
General tips for new web designers
[Jan. 21, 2003] Website designers today have plenty of options in terms of tools and technologies they can use to build their web pages. Many questions come up: should we use Flash, do we need database driven web pages, did we need a shopping cart for our e-commerce web site etc...
[Jan. 11, 2003] Thinking of a web site as an architectural design is actually a good analogy. It must have a structure expressed as continuity in the layout scheme.
Your Choice Of Website Color
[Jul. 11, 2002] Many web designers overlook the importance of color when designing a web site. Color should be one of your first concerns when it comes time to start your web site design. If you don't pay close attention to the colors you chose, your site you will end up either plain and boring or so chaotic it's hard to look at. The color you use should only be chosen after careful consideration. By Scott Pamatat
Table Trouble And Table Tips
[May 12, 2002] Trouble with tables? Here are some common table issues, and some possible solutions for these situations when they arise. By John Pollock

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