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The 5 Ws and Web Site Success

By Garland Coulson
Posted Sunday, September 26, 2004

We’ve all heard of the 5 W’s – Who, What, Where, When, Why. These are often used as guidelines when writing clearly, especially in areas such as articles, journalism, press releases and writing to inform.

So how do these apply to making your web site successful?

Let’s take a look:

Who: Your web site should be designed and the content written with “who” in mind. Who is your target market? Who do you want to come to your web site? When they get to your web site, whom are they meeting?

What: Once you know “who”, you need to determine “what.” What does your target market want? What do they need? What problems can you solve for them? What products or services can you offer them?

Where: This applies to a number of things to watch when you are marketing on the Internet including:
1. Where are your customers? Does your business have a geographic focus? If so, is the name of your city or town prominent on your web site so visitors know where your products and services are provided?
2. Where do members of your target market get together? Do they join discussion groups such as The Ryze Network? Where do they go on the Internet? Will they find you there when they get there?

When: When your target market is at your web site, what kind of experience will they have? When they are at your site, when will they buy? Is there something about your site and what you offer to make them buy now instead of later?

Why: Why should anyone buy from you if you are the same as your competitors?
If your web site is just like everyone else’s, why should you expect to be noticed? Does your web site make it clear to your visitors as to why your product or service is different and more beneficial than your competitors?

By looking after the 5 W’s, your web site will have clearer goals and a greater chance of success.

About the Author
Garland Coulson, “The E-Business Tutor” is an acclaimed speaker, author and coach in the field of Internet marketing for small business and home business. For more information, visit The E-Business Tutor web site at ( or call toll-free in North America at 1-866-413-0951.


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