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All Successful Entrepreneurs Have This

By John Baker
Posted Monday, December 13, 2004

All successful entrepreneurs have this one thing in common!(TIME INVESTED) Everyone wants to have wealth, enjoy life, and be able to retire at an early age! To do this you must first work hard at a business plan over a few years. You start your business at the bottom and work your way up. You have to have a plan so you can stay focused on the Big Picture.

This is where the most important element comes in, Patience! You must have Patience or you will lose focus on the Big Picture. There will be times when things go wrong and things look dark, but if you stay focused and have Patience you will have success!

Some great people have said "You must learn to fail before you can succeed!" The term "fail" can only pertain to the low and dark times, because you cannot fail unless you Quit. If you have Patience and stay focused on your long term plan you will succeed.

People see ads and hype where successful entrepreneurs have made thousands of dollars in 24 hours. This may be true, but they have been in business more than 24 hours! They have built their business over a period of time, andhave been through some low and dark times to get where they are at today. All successful entrepreneurs have invested in there share of time. So you can be successful to if you start with a good business plan, and stick to it through the highs and the lows. You must have Patience and not lose site of your Goals!

You will also have to work your plan, but what is the alternative? Working hard for someone else's business plan! You cannot create wealth trading hours for dollars. You must put in your share of time! If you start today, in a year yourbusiness will be one year old! In another year it will be two years old. If you do Nothing, You will still be Two Years Older!

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