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The Heart Of An Entrepreneur

By Jimmy L. Hutchinson Jr.
Posted Monday, January 3, 2005

Good morning! The day is more than another day to me. I’m now on my own working for myself, completely relying on my skills and ability to make money. That is what an entrepreneur wakes up to every morning, the reality of being the boss. With this step of faith comes a whole host of responsibilities. But the freedom you get from being the boss is unmeasurable. When I first made the step to carry my own weight as an entrepreneur, I had no idea that 24 years later that my decision would carry me this far. Now, I’m more educated then most having a wealth of knowledge, more experienced with failures and success.


The heart of an entrepreneur beats on for many years; there is a no quit attitude we have built inside. Even when we just lost everything and the wife is threating to leave our fire of making it burns ever so brightly. No one can live the life of an entrepreneur without facing so adversity that turns your life upside down. We fall down but we get right back up, stronger and more knowledgeable. The stakes are high, the pain is great and the reward is financial freedom. Think about this country the great USA would not be what it is today, if not for the entrepreneurs like ourselves.

Leading Example

Adam was the first entrepreneur taking on the task of naming all the animals on earth and tending to the Lord’s garden. I order for him to accomplish these things he needed to do a few things.

1. Set some goals
2. Have a Plan Action
3. Manage his time to be more productive
4. Get a clear understanding of his mission
5. Recognize the people around him
6. Have a mentor who understood him
7. Get the help he needed to be successful

Those that are entrepreneurs keep up the good work and those of you would want to be an entrepreneur check your heart at the door. Because once you enter the house of entrepreneurship there is no turning back for the true entrepreneur. We live to fight for financial freedom even if it takes years not days.

About the Author
Jimmy L. Hutchinson Jr. is Senior Vice President of Tricomm Worldwide Funding helps give real estate investors a turnkey opportunity to financial freedom. Tricomm is a one shop for investors. website: (


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