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Get DVD Players, Playstation 2, Big Screen TV's and More For Pennies On The Dollar

By John McTighe
Posted Sunday, December 26, 2004

I want to share a few creative techniques with you that will allow you to find slightly used and sometimes even new consumer electronic goods that are in very high demand right now. Things like DVD players, Playstation 2 and X-Box or Gamecubes. Even stereo equipment and TV's of all kinds. Along with that, you can get games, acessories and any other related items for pennies on the dollar. You could keep these items yourself or sell them at a profit.

Here is how:

1. First, forget about auction sites and scanning your newspapers and trying to buy at wholesale. There is just too much competition. Think outside of the box and become proactive.

2. Put together a list of local newspapers, web sites and periodicals that you could place an ad like this:

Buying: DVD Players, Playstation 2, Big Screen TV's . . . Call xxx-xxxx or email xxx@xxxxx.

This simple, specific ad will generate calls and emails for you.

3. Screen your calls by finding only MOTIVATED sellers. People that need money NOW and are looking to sacrifice their consumer goods. If your ad is specific, you can pick and choose the deals you want.

4. Make sure you examine the item you are looking to buy and I would not offer anything above 40% of the retail price no matter how good of a condition the item is in. There are just too many motivated sellers out there.

5. Enjoy! I have purchased THOUSANDS of dollars in consumer goods over the years that I have kept myself or resold for an average profit of 100$-1100% in some cases. You can too.

Bonus Tip: After the holidays are VERY good times to buy consumer electronics at excellent prices due to the fact that items are being returned and the person may not be able to return the item to the store of purchase if they don't have a gift return slip or perhaps the item was purchased by a realative out of town.

Or maybe the person is just unhappy with the gift and would rather get rid of it and get a few dollars cash instead.

I purchased a snow blower this way and it was an $850 snow blower from Sears, still in the box. I bought it for $250.

About the Author
John McTighe has been showing people how they can profit from the billion dollar world of used personal property. You can visit his site at (


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